AccuAir is a leader in the air suspension market with its cutting edge technology that exudes quality. The AccuAir eLevel system combined with the Endo CVT tank/compressor/valve unit is by far the ultimate in air ride management. AccuAir is always Free Shipping at UroTuning and always the best price out there.


AccuAir is excited to announce the release of e-Level+, the next generation of air suspension management system. e-Level+ is built on the foundation of the longest running technology in the industry, now with better performance, more robust hardware, and Bluetooth 5.0 integration.

e-Level+ is entering the market with a whole new price point and upgrade path. Whether you purchase e+ Connect as a simple wireless switchbox with the power of the new app, or you purchase height sensors and the all new TouchPad+, we guarantee you'll find features and values that meet all needs.


Since its release, the Original AccuAir e-Level™ Controller has become the industry favorite for accuracy, reliability, and ease-of-use. It offers the ability to save three unique heights into memory at the touch of a button. All of this automatic intelligence is unnoticed by the driver, providing improved ride quality and handling characteristics for any vehicle with Air Suspension. UroTuning keeps OG e-Level systems In Stock at all times and offers Free Same-Day Shipping!


The AccuAir ENDO CVT All-In-One Compressor-Valve-Tank has been a huge success and represents the top of the line air suspension management system. AccuAir's restless engineering and manufacturing endeavors behind ENDO-CVT have integrated the essential components of an air management package into one SILENT, self contained unit. CVT has proven to be easier to install, more efficient to operate and of course quieter than any alternative air management solution. So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the loud, laborious management of Air Suspensions past and treat your ride right with the tech of today. ENDO Tanks are also available in tank only, tank/valves and tank/compressor. UroTuning maintains a good level of stock at all times for the ENDO tank lineup.


The VX4 (4-Corner Valve) & VX2 (2-Corner Valve) evolves from the well proven architecture found in the AccuAir VU4/VU2 to an entirely new level. Benefits include: Sleeker appearance, hidden wiring harness, smaller overall package, built-in flow-control adjustments, and fully-filtered and field serviceable 3/8" DOT push-to-connect fittings. The robust internal solenoid valve architecture maximizes flow rates, provides bubble-tight sealing, and guarantees operation up to 200 psi for millions of cycles. All of this technology is housed in a unique enclosure design which routes each of the solenoid wires through a single weatherproof M-12 style connector. AccuAir VX4 units are always In Stock at UroTuning with Free Shipping!


AccuAir offers a wide range of add on accessories and replacement parts. AccuAir’s iLevel™ provides wireless control of your e-Level™ Air Suspension System through both Apple iOS and Android devices. The app is available for free download through the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The Wireless Key-Fob Module gives the e-Level™ System wireless capability. The 4-button Key-Fob allows you to trigger any of your three saved heights plus the “All-Down” function from up to 200 ft away. UroTuning keeps a full lineup of replacement parts in stock at all times for those inopportune times. Anything from wiring to relays, power supply kits and fittings, UroTuning has the AccuAir spare parts you need.

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