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Every enthusiast knows that to keep your Audi running well, it's important to keep a close eye on all of the required maintenance. At UroTuning, we carry a large range of OEM parts and accessories for Audi vehicles that will make sure to prolong your vehicle's life and keep you up to date on maintenance!

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Oil filters and air filters help collect dtritus that could otherwise hinder performance or cause problems within your Audi vehicle. From cabin air filters to air intake filters within your engine bay, to oil filters, UroTuning has you covered on any and all filters you need to keep your car running clean.

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Belts are another common maintenance item on your Audi. Depending on the model, the drive belt can be responsible for the water pump, oil pump, power-steering, and even the AC. Over time these belts are known to dry out, crack, and even snap. Nobody wants to wind up stranded or deal with a screeching old belt every time they start up their Audi, which is why UroTuning has all of the Audi replacement belts you need.

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Pumps are a key aspect of any well maintained and well running Audi, they keep coolant, water and oil circulating properly throughout your vehicle. Without a working pump system, your Audi would overheat or become poorly lubricated leading to catastrophic failure. We have you covered with all of the OEM Audi fuel pumps and water pumps you need to keep your car running!

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While it's fun to make your car go faster, it's even more important to make sure it can stop in time. Brakes are one of the most important recurring maintenance items on your Audi, and are important for both performance as well as safety. At UroTuning, we carry a large selection of OEM brake parts for Audi vehicles including rotors, pads, lines, calipers, and more.

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The suspension on your Audi vehicle is in large part what makes it so enjoyable to drive. Without properly maintained suspension, your Audi won't be able to get the power to the ground, your ride will be rough or loud, and your car will generally be less safe. UroTuning has everything you need to keep your suspension updated with OEM Audi parts including mounts, springs, bushings, endlinks, and more.

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Hoses are everyrhere within your Audi, from the engine bay to the accesory systems, hoses help your car stay cool and run right. Nothing is worse than an aftermarket hose not fitting properly, so at UroTuning we have tons of OEM hose options from coolant hoses, breather pipes, intercooler hoses, charge pipes, and more.

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Nobody likes to see that coolant light come on in their Audi! It's important to make sure you use the right coolant for your Audi vehicle, so at UroTuning we have you covered on OEM Audi coolant and related parts incluing coolant temp sensors, reservoirs, caps, and more.

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Maintain Your Ride's Standards With Audi OEM Parts

When you drive an Audi, you're not just driving a car; you're experiencing engineering excellence at its finest. Audi has built its reputation on precision, performance and innovation. There's no substitute for genuine Volkswagen Audi parts to maintain the high standards of your Audi. That's where UroTuning comes in.

We're all about giving Audi aficionados the parts they need to keep their rides running at peak performance. We're proud to offer a massive selection of genuine Audi OEM parts to repair or maintain every aspect of your ride. Whether you're rolling in a zippy Audi A3, cruising in a luxurious Audi A8 or tearing up the road in a sporty Audi TT, we've got the OEM Audi parts you need to keep every drive up to par. Don't compromise on the quality and performance of your Audi – shop UroTuning today.



Our OEM Audi Parts Are the Real Deal

Our selection isn't filled with just any parts; we carry only genuine Audi OEM parts online that bear the mark of precision. Aftermarket parts are great when you want to amp up your performance, but if you're looking to keep your Audi driving the way it always has, settling for third-party parts is out of the question. Why do you need Audi genuine parts? Because they offer a ton of benefits to drivers just like you: 


  • Preserve Performance: Audi vehicles are known for their exceptional performance. Genuine OEM Audi parts are designed to maintain the precise specifications that make your Audi stand out. Choosing OEM ensures that your vehicle continues to perform at its peak, whether on the highway or navigating tight city streets.
  • Safety First: Safety is paramount when it comes to automobiles. Audi OEM parts are rigorously tested and crafted to meet the highest safety standards. You can trust that your Audi's safety features will protect you and your passengers when you use genuine parts.
  • Longevity: Audi owners take pride in the longevity of their vehicles. Genuine Audi parts are engineered for durability and longevity, ensuring that your Audi remains a trusted companion for years. Third-party parts may save you money upfront, but they can lead to frequent replacements and costly repairs down the road.
  • Resale Value: If you ever decide to sell or trade-in your ride, having a record of genuine OEM Audi parts can significantly boost its resale value. Prospective buyers appreciate the assurance of quality that comes with OEM components.


Your Source for Audi OEM Parts Online

At UroTuning, we take pride in our comprehensive inventory of Audi OEM parts, designed to cater to the needs of Audi enthusiasts across a wide range of models and years. Whether you're driving the latest Audi model or a cherished classic, we've got you covered.

We understand that Audi's diverse lineup spans from sporty compacts to luxurious sedans and powerful SUVs. Our inventory reflects this diversity, ensuring you can find the precise Audi genuine parts you need, no matter which model you drive. Our selection is comprehensive, from essential components like fuel pumps and brake parts to intricate elements like suspension and electronic systems. You'll find the exact Audi OEM parts online at UroTuning.

Whether performing routine maintenance or embarking on an ambitious project, UroTuning is your trusted source for Audi OEM parts online, ensuring that your ride remains a symbol of excellence.

More Than Just Car Parts

UroTuning is more than a supplier of Audi OEM parts online. We're a community of enthusiasts doing everything possible to ensure your ride drives its best day after day. If you need help throughout the ordering process, please contact us anytime. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Genuine audi parts

If you have any questions or need more information about Audi OEM and genuine parts and accessories, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Where Can I Buy OEM Parts for My Audi?

You can purchase genuine OEM parts for your Audi right here at UroTuning! We offer a wide selection of genuine Audi parts to help you maintain and enhance your vehicle with confidence.

Where Are OEM Audi Parts Manufactured?

OEM Audi parts are typically manufactured by various suppliers globally, with many components coming from Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, Germany. Audi maintains strict quality control standards to ensure consistent quality across their supply chain. 


Shop Audi OEM Parts Online at UroTuning

Elevate your Audi experience by choosing UroTuning as your go-to source for genuine Audi OEM parts online. With our extensive inventory, commitment to quality and dedication to preserving your Audi's excellence, we're your trusted partner in maintaining, enhancing and enjoying your Audi to the fullest. Don't compromise on quality or performance. Shop with us today and ensure your Audi continues to stand out on the road. 




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