At Autobahn Autoworx, the company strives to provide quality products without breaking the bank. The company is owned and operated by a VW Audi enthusiast. UroTuning is excited to offer quality parts form Autobahn Autoworx for your project! Shop for hose replacements, billet replacement parts, intake pipes and much more.



In addition to silicone hoses, Autobahn Autoworx produces Billet replacement parts! It's very common over time and many heat cycles for plastic coolant parts to become very brittle and break. Coolant concerns and leaks commonly are caused by these plastic broken parts with cracks. With these billet replacements, cracked worn plastic parts are a thing of the past. In addition to better performing parts, the shiny new parts add an aesthetic factor to your engine bay!



Coolant hoses are one of the crucial components to your vehicles performance. Commonly replaced when damaged or cracked, don't settle for a replacement for just hose kits. Upgrade to a silicone kit from Autobahn Autoworx! Cracked, cut, dry-rotted, or clotted coolant hoses can cause detrimental damage to your cooling system, or even worse, your engine! Don't run the risk of locking up or overheating your engine and upgrade to a silicone hose kit. Furthermore, the Autobahn Autoworx kit is perfectly engineered as a direct replacement kit for your vehicle.

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