B2B Fabrication or B2BFAB is a leader in innovative upgrades for VW and Audi vehicles. Many of their products are developed and engineered to maximize the existing platforms of VW and Audi vehicles across the line, while still maintaining a high standard of quality and performance. B2BFAB custom fabricates and offers Camber Correcting Lift Kits, Wheel Spacers, Light Mounts, Exhaust Upgrades, and much more.

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By offsetting the upper mounting point of the front struts, the B2BFAB lift kits remove the excessive positive camber allowing proper suspension geometry and specifications.

The proper amount of negative camber ensures optimal contact between the tire and the road through all handling maneuvers. When front camber is outside of the manufacturer's specified range in the positive direction, the handling is floaty, twitchy, and generally unstable at highway speeds. These kits correct this!


Does the factory Start/Stop feature of your VW/Audi prevent you from enjoying your offroad experience? In minutes, the B2BFAB Start/Stop Solution can be installed so that this feature defaults to the off position each time the ignition is turned on. Kit includes all necessary tools and full color instructions. Ships directly from the East coast US warehouse to your door!

*For off-road use only.

Tested on US configuration vehicles. For notes on proper function on ROW vehicles please email sales@UroTuning.com

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