BBS was founded in 1970 by Heinrich Baumgartner and Klaus Brand in Black Forest, Germany with performance gains on the race track in mind. With a new focus on reducing unsprung weight, the development of an innovative new three-piece racing wheel emerged.

This positioned the new company at the pinnacle of the motorsports sector, gaining the attention from huge racing teams like BMW. In 1983, the original 3 piece "RS" design wheel was launched, introducing one of the most iconic wheel designs in motorsport history. Performance and technology remain the top priorities in all BBS wheel designs.

BBS - "Technology through Motorsports"


The BBS RS truly needs no introduction. Arguably one of the most timeless and iconic wheel designs available, the BBS RS is a 3 piece mesh-style wheel that looks perfect on any vehicle. A tried and true design, this wheel has been the inspiration for countless imitations and spin-offs, but imitators don't come close to the RS in craftsmanship, finishing, heritage, or style.

Being a 3 piece design, these wheels can be fully customized to your builds exact specifications, with wider lips for a deeper dish, as well as different finishes on the wheels mesh and center-cap portions. Polish or powder-coat various BBS RS components to color-match your vehicle for added flair, or go with the original silver and gold for a classic purist-approved application.

Whatever your preference, it's impossible to go wrong with the original BBS RS.


Another 3 piece option from BBS, the LM is another easily recognizable design that is as timeless as it is sporty. Deviating from the more busy mesh pattern of the famous RS, the LM's mesh pattern is more sparse, closer to a split-spoke design. The LM offers all of the same customizability you expect from a 3 piece offering from BBS, and looks great in silver, gold, or any other color you can think of!

The LM builds on the mesh-style 3 pice design of the RS but with a sportier and more aggressive design, utilizing simplicity and elegance in it's performance oriented execution.



The CH-R from BBS has motorsport written all over it - literally. This wheel features a split 7 spoke design that is simple yet aggressive, adding to the aesthetics of any vehicle without becoming distracting, not to mention the performance standards incorporated into the lightweight wheel design itself. Opt for the titanium option for an even lighter unsprung weight!

At 19" the CH-R is ideal for a larger vehicle, but looks great on just about anything!


With a more modern and sport-inspired appraoch, BBS introduced the SR wheel. Sporty and stylish, this wheel is perfect for various OEM+ street applications.

Smooth edges and contours extending from the hub to the outer flange of the wheel look incredible while also enabling easy wheel cleaning which is helpful and extremely practical. Spokes that continue through to the hub bore make the model seem bigger and more aggressive, design cues that are distinctive of BBS.

If you're looking for a BBS wheel with a sporty look that could pull-off being a factory or OEM option, the SR is the perfect design for you.

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