CTS Turbo makes performance aftermarket parts for late-model Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW models. From cold air intakes, catch can kits, performance exhausts, to turbo kits – the CTS Turbo team of engineers and fabricators is working hard to develop the best performance parts for your car.


CTS Turbo Intakes help deliver a smooth entry of cold air directly into the engine. Using mandrel bent aluminum intake piping CTS Turbo minimizes turbulence from unnecessary connections. Open air high flow air filters utilize an inverted cone design for maximum engine breathing and a great sound as well.


CTS Turbo Downpipes are the perfect high performance replacement for the factory downpipe which is a huge horsepower robber! Featuring Stainless Steel construction all CTS Turbo downpipes are built with one thing in mind, maximum performance. Available in Race spec and Street spec featuring Magnaflow catalytic converters.


CTS Turbo Exhausts are hand tig welded using the finest T304 seamless stainless steel designed for both street use and big turbo abuse. Lesser products can be had without stainless steel construction, or with seamed stainless steel, which can crack and decay over time. Get that aggressive CTS Turbo sound with a full Turbo-back system.


CTS Turbo oil catch cans are used to prevent oil vapors entering the intake manifold and clogging up the intake valves on direct-injection motors. Oil deposits on intake manifold and valves reduce performance and cause bad fuel mileage. Keep your engine clean, running smoothly, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the PCV system on your car is now free of issues with a CTS Turbo Catch Can Kit.

Give Your Ride an Edge With CTS Turbo Parts From UroTuning

Ready to discover pure performance excellence in your ride? Look no further than CTS Turbo parts at UroTuning. Rooted in precision engineering and relentless innovation, CTS Turbo crafts performance parts that blend power with reliability seamlessly. From turbochargers to intake systems, CTS Turbo makes high-performance aftermarket parts designed to elevate your driving experience, unlocking the true potential of your vehicle. With a reputation built on quality and trust, CTS Turbo is the choice for drivers seeking the ultimate performance.



Why Should You Choose CTS Turbo?

CTS Turbo carves a niche that stands out in a world crowded with aftermarket parts manufacturers. Every CTS Turbo product is a based on precision engineering.

With a focus on exact fitment and optimal performance, their parts integrate seamlessly with European vehicles, as if they were an original part of the car.

By constantly evolving and embracing the latest automotive technology, CTS Turbo parts are not just replacements but enhancements. Their designs boost performance and contribute to improved power and handling. Paired with a software tune, you'll see elevated performance gains in the areas you care about the most. Not to mention, CTS Turbo ensures that every product that reaches the customer is of the highest standard. This commitment to excellence has made them one of the most trusted names in the industry.


CTS Parts You Should Check Out

At UroTuning, we proudly showcase an extensive collection of CTS Turbo parts tailored for the discerning European car owner, including:


●  Cold Air Intakes: Designed for optimal airflow, CTS Turbo intakes ensure your engine breathes better, leading to improved throttle response and horsepower.

●  Downpipes: Unlock a raw ,powerful sound and boost performance with precision - engineered downpipes, a favorite among performance enthusiasts.

●  Exhaust Systems: Amplify your vehicle's auditory presence and efficiency with exhausts that epitomize smooth flow and robust performance.

●  Oil Catch Can Kits: Maintain engine health and longevity by preventing oil contaminants from re-entering the engine.

●  And More: Beyond these components, our collection spans many other products, each designed to enhance, protect and transform your driving experience.


Interested in CTS to get even more performance from your parts? Check out some of our favorite aftermarket tuners for the perfect CTS pairing. We rep brands like GIAC, Unitronic, AWE Tuning, Integrated Engineering and others.

See CTS Turbo Products In Action

Want to get a preview of the power and sound CTS Turbo parts offer? Check out this short video showcasing their B9 A4 exhaust system to see what's possible.

Frequently Asked Questions: CTS Turbo Parts

If you have any questions or need more information about CTS Turbo aftermarket parts and accessories, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Where Can I Purchase Genuine CTS Turbo Products?

UroTuning proudly offers a comprehensive range of CTS Turbo high-performance aftermarket parts. Shop confidently, knowing you receive authentic, high-quality components tailored to your European car.

Can I Install CTS Parts Myself?

Many car enthusiasts choose to install aftermarket parts themselves. However, if you're unfamiliar with the installation process or lack the necessary tools, seeking a professional's assistance ensures optimal performance and safety.

How Do I Maintain CTS Turbo Aftermarket Parts?

Like all automotive components, regular inspection and maintenance ensure longevity. Depending on the part, this could mean periodic cleaning, tightening or inspection for wear. Always refer to the product's manual or guidelines provided by CTS Turbo.


Experience the Power & Performance of CTS Turbo for Yourself Today

Dive into a world where performance meets precision with CTS Turbo parts at UroTuning. Why settle for the ordinary when your European car deserves the extraordinary? Every drive, every turn and every rev can be transformed into an exhilarating experience.




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