CTS Turbo makes performance aftermarket parts for late-model Volkswagen, Audi, and BMW models. From cold air intakes, catch can kits, performance exhausts, to turbo kits – the CTS Turbo team of engineers and fabricators is working hard to develop the best performance parts for your car.


CTS Turbo Intakes help deliver a smooth entry of cold air directly into the engine. Using mandrel bent aluminum intake piping CTS Turbo minimizes turbulence from unnecessary connections. Open air high flow air filters utilize an inverted cone design for maximum engine breathing and a great sound as well.


CTS Turbo Downpipes are the perfect high performance replacement for the factory downpipe which is a huge horsepower robber! Featuring Stainless Steel construction all CTS Turbo downpipes are built with one thing in mind, maximum performance. Available in Race spec and Street spec featuring Magnaflow catalytic converters.


CTS Turbo Exhausts are hand tig welded using the finest T304 seamless stainless steel designed for both street use and big turbo abuse. Lesser products can be had without stainless steel construction, or with seamed stainless steel, which can crack and decay over time. Get that aggressive CTS Turbo sound with a full Turbo-back system.


CTS Turbo oil catch cans are used to prevent oil vapors entering the intake manifold and clogging up the intake valves on direct-injection motors. Oil deposits on intake manifold and valves reduce performance and cause bad fuel mileage. Keep your engine clean, running smoothly, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the PCV system on your car is now free of issues with a CTS Turbo Catch Can Kit.

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