EBC is an independently owned and operated leader in the performance automotive brake market. EBC takes pride in its products and its people, striving to offer the best brake pads and rotors for both on-track and daily use.

EBC aims to outperform the competition offering aramid brake pads, sintered brakes, ceramic brake pads and carbon long life brake pads as well as a plethora of drilled and slotted brake rotor options.

EBC stands by the notion that brakes are not only performance products, they are safety products, and when it comes to both performance and safety, only the best will do.


EBC Brake Pads come in five major variations; "Black Stuff", "Green stuff", "Red Stuff", "Yellow Stuff", and "Blue Stuff". Each brake pad type comes with its own set of advantages based on your specific needs and driving styles!

Whether you're looking for the perfect everyday brake pad, a brake setup for all track use, or something in between, EBC is sure to have the perfect brakes for your build.




EBC Black Stuff Ultimax brake pads provide superb daily driver braking in an R90 approved pad that doesn't require shims for noise reduction and features a red "brake-in" surface for safe use directly after installation.

These pads are 100% Eco-friendly and contain zero sulfides! These pads work perfectly in hot, dry climates as well as in the cold, and utilize a new AF42/66 friction material that completely eliminates brake shudder.

EBC Black Stuff pads are perfect for any daily driven vehicle!


EBC Green Stuff pads are a direct replacement for your OEM brake pads, with an emphasis on street-driven performance. Green Stuff pads offer 30% less dust than OEM replacement pads, and feature beveled edges and center-line slots that reduce sequels for quieter stops as well as prevent thermal cracking.

Equip your vehicle with Green Stuff by EBC for hair trigger pedal response! These pads are specifically designed to deliver braking force as soon as you touch the pedal, staying strong until you come to a stop or hit the gas.


EBC Red Stuff pads are meant to take your braking control and power to the next level! These pads offer 50% less dust than OEM replacement pads, leaving your wheels perfectly clean, and can be used on the track as well as for daily use.

These pads are ultra quiet due to EBC's beveled and centerline slot construction, and have been shown to cut down stopping distances by up to 42 feet over stock brakes! These pads deliver rapid bedding, maximizing brake power. Red Stuff pads feature a higher heat threshold than Green Stuff, offering even better performance under pressure.

Red Stuff pads are capable for track use, but for true racing brakes go with EBC Yellow Stuff!


Offering EBC's highest grip, Yellow Stuff pads are formulated to give your car championship level stopping power for all track use as well as performance street use. Yellow Stuff Pads are the official brake of the Subaru Challenge, and are capable of high temperature use with a long wear life, making them perfect for track use.

The new Yellow Stuff formula sets the standard in race-type brake compounds, with a super bite from cold which is uncommon in most race materials that usually require a warm up period. This makes for a brake that is perfect for both track and daily use.

This new formula was used by numerous championship race and rally drivers since 2004 and is truly a milestone in brake pad development.


EBC's Blue Stuff and Blue Stuff NDX is a high friction sport and race pad material that is best suited for aggressive street driving and certain types of track use. Blue Stuff pads pair nicely with aftermarket calipers like multi-piston systems.

The biggest advantage of EBC Blue Stuff NDX is their bite from cold and progressive brake feel enhancing the ability to bring a car to a extremely quick complete stop.

If you're looking for the perfect pad for your aftermarket performance calipers, Blue Stuff is the pad for you.



EBC Brakes offers a wide range of rotors including slotted and dimpled options. Dimpled brakes, which EBC invented in the 90's, have been imitated by many due to the fact that they are able to offer pad de-gassing without creating weak point prone to cracks like other drilled options.

EBC also offers some of the quietest rotors on the market with the Ultimax slotted rotors. Ultimax slotted rotors offer performance braking without all of the loud and annoying squeaking that is often associated with aftermarket pads and rotors.

EBC Brakes prides themselves on having some of the strictest quality control standards in the industry, maintaining EBC's ability to always deliver the highest quality end product.

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