Enkei is one of the largest wheel manufacturers in the OEM and Aftermarket sectors. Enkei custom wheels deliver the latest in wheel designs, composite alloy technology such as, casting/forged processes, rigid testing that must pass stringent JGTC Standards and unsurpassed manufacturing facilities.



NT03+M is designed with a perimeter brace ring that enhances the wheel strength so it’s able to resist deformation or distortion from outer forces, resulting in highly accurate steering response and strength. The NT03+M also features a racing twin valve design which allows for accurate monitoring while adjusting the pressure.

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One of the most iconic Enkei wheels is the classic RPF1. The RPF1 is one of the strongest and lightest wheels out there. Making it the number one choice for those seeking maximum performance for racing, autocross or spirited driving. The Enkei RPF1 are sent through the same rigorous testing as all of their customer wheels, but this timeless design is sure to compliment your application!



The youngest design from Enkei is the all-new PX-10. The PX-10 is the perfect option for those looking to add a sporty upscale look to their daily drivers. The new design offers a 10 evenly spaced spoke design that terminates before reaching the flange to give the wheel a small lip, the PX-10 is all about being understated. These are available in both gloss black and gunmetal in sizes ranging from 16” all the way up to 19”. The PX-10 is finished off with Enkei’s signature flat center cap.


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