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Eurodyne aims to create the most comprehensive, complete, and cost effective tuning and data acquisition tools for Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche vehicles.

Eurodyne is a well known name in automotive enthusiast circles for a reason, regarded highly as the provider of choice for state of the art automotive tuning solutions.


The Eurodyne Maestro Tuning Suite is a hardware and software system that allows its users to flash your vehicle an unlimited number of times using any of the supplied base tune files including Stage 1, 2, and 3, as well as custom versions of these presets.

Eurodyne's Maestro Suite puts features like data-logging, rev-limiters, boost limiters, torque limiters, re-scaling, time map alteration, and vehicle diagnostics right at your fingertips.

The Maestro package includes unlimited no-charge access to the available base files for your vehicle. This will save huge amounts of time compared to starting from scratch. In many cases, base files for popular hardware can be loaded as-is with excellent results. All base files have been developed and tested by Eurodyne in-house, including being tested on their Dyno.



Eurodyne offers a wide range of ECU tunes for any stage you're looking for. Eurodyne's ECU softwares work with your vehicles Engine Control Unit to disable factory defaults that are limiting your vehicles performance, as well as offer tunes meant to work in conjunction with the upgrades already made to your vehicle. If you're not using a Eurodyne ECU Tuning Software you're leaving performance on the table!


Eurodyne's performance TCU software works by re-flashing your vehicles transmission control unit to optimize shift mapping, lower shift times, and raise torque limits. TCU tuning software also includes features like true manual mode which helps eliminate unwanted downshifts, increased clutch clamping pressures, and vehicle gear display activation in your dashboard.

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