fifteen52 Wheels

fifteen52's Wheel program offers motorsport influenced wheels in a variety of styles and sizes. fifteen52 is better defined by their concept rather than any specific line of products or services. Simply stated, fifteen52's number one goal is to offer whatever wheels and styling enhancements in order to make truly unique automobiles. 1552 offers a full Cast Wheel lineup in addition to custom forged builds, featuring a wide variety of sizes and custom finishes.

fifteen52 Cast Wheels

fifteen52 Wheels are always keeping their wheel lineup fresh and offers a wide variety of styles to suit your specific taste. Whether it be the classic Tarmac wheel or the brand new fifteen52 Chicane and Podium wheel. fifteen52 Wheels cast lineup is at the top of its game. Scroll below to see the full lineup.

fifteen52 Comp

The final Super Touring release of 2021 for Fifteen52 comes by way of the Comp wheel design. Sharing in similar characteristics as the recently release Apex wheel with fewer spokes to provide ever greater weight reduction while never compromising on durability. This Split-5 spoke design provides a sleek, subtle design style and multiple color options that will make any vehicle stand out in a crowd. The Comp design utilizes our signature Super Touring Lug Cap System and out of the box includes our new Tech Nut design. Fitments are available in dual-drilled applications making the Comp a highly sought out style that can fit a range of vehicle applications.

fifteen52 Apex

Introducing a split 7 spoke mesh design featuring our signature Super Touring Lug Cap System. The Apex is built with the enthusiast platforms in mind, with maximum caliper clearance and an outer lip channel to reduce weight. Available in Frosted Graphite and Rally White, this design looks the part on a wide range of vehicles. The Apex introduces our new Tech nut, with scalloped cuts to give a modern centerlock look and comes standard in black anodized finish.

fifteen52 Tarmac EVO

The next evolution of the Fifteen52 Tarmac, the Tarmac EVO is a classic six spoke wheel that builds upon the original Tarmac design language. Looking at the Tarmac Evo, one can immediately recognize a continuity of clean, purposeful, motorsport inspired design that has made the Tarmac one of our most iconic wheels.

fifteen52 Holeshot RSR

The Holeshot RSR came to fruition through a design exercise in perfecting the classic mesh wheel design. Improving on our Formula GT wheel of seasons passed, the Holeshot RSR has a stepped-lip profile and subtle face protrusion that embody the Fifteen52 style. Stepped, scalloped spokes give depth to the design while strategically cutting weight where it matters most. With the face offset from the slant of the lip, the visual impact of the lip depth could be retained while still ensuring proper clearance for a wide range of performance brakes. Available in Limited fitment 19" diameters and wheel finish options of Radiant Silver and Magnesium Grey.

fifteen52 Chicane

The 5-spoke layout is perhaps one of the most iconic in the history of wheel design and with the Tarmac leading the way, the 5-spoke has come to define much of what they do at fifteen52. For the introduction of the fifteen52 Super Touring line, they aimed to design another 5-spoke with influence drawn from the 90's. The fifteen52 Chicane has a flat face similar to our Tarmac, but the spokes roll back at the lip to give the wheel depth and a profile that looks straight out of the motorsport paddock. Available in sizes 17" - 20" and wheel finish options of Speed Silver and Asphalt Black.

fifteen52 Podium

The 90's era of Super Touring racing has been the at the roots of fifteen's inspiration since inception. The big wheel diameters, simple designs, low ride heights, and competitive action made for a race series that would stick in our minds for years to come. The fifteen52 Podium is their iteration of the classic multi-spoke design that saw wheel-to-wheel action in Touring Car Championships of the time. Available in sizes 17" - 20" and wheel finish options of Speed Silver and Flat Graphite.

fifteen52 Tarmac

The fifteen52 Tarmac is perhaps the iconic design that best represents everything the company stands for. Bold, durable, purposeful, and the antithesis of trendy; the Tarmac is a classic motorsports wheel that will stand the test of time. The Tarmac is also the wheel that launched the 52/Ken Block relationship when it first appeared in the wildly popular Gymkhana FOUR video and followed that up with an appearance in Gymkhana FIVE. Available in sizes 17" - 18" and wheel finish options of Rally White and Silverstone Grey.

fifteen52 Turbomac

As seen in the Gymkhana SIX video, the Turbomac wheel was co-designed by Ken Block and fifteen52. Essentially a 5-spoke Tarmac center with a vented outer ring, the Turbomac was designed with both form and function in mind. Very strong and relatively lightweight, this wheel is very much a motorsports-quality design. Each Turbomac wheel has the Ken Block "Block Skull" stamp of approval on the reverse side. Available in sizes 17" - 18" and wheel finish options of Rally White and Asphalt Black.

fifteen52 Integrale

Inspired by the OE wheel offered on some of the most memorable versions of the rally-legend, Lancia Delta, our new cast Integrale wheel is just packed with motorsport DNA. With a face profile and outer turbo vane configuration identical to our iconic Turbomac design, the Integrale is the perfect addition to complete the storyline of the rally-inspired trio, the Tarmac, Turbomac and now, Integrale. Available in sizes 17" - 18" and wheel finish options of Rally White and Speed Silver.

fifteen52 Turbomac HD

With the continued success of our Turbomac design, we thought it was time that the off-road community deserved something strong, light and unique. So we got together with Ken Block and decided that the Turbomac HD needed to become a reality. After over a year of rigorous testing on his Ford Raptor, Ken put his new signature Turbomac HD to the test and gave it the green light. Now, we are very pleased to be able to offer it as part of our Cast Monoblock wheel lineup.

fifteen52 Traverse

As more and more people turn to the outdoors to get away, more vehicles are being outfitted for adventure. With the success of the Traverse HD, we noticed an increase in demand as the market for CUV and SUV adventure vehicles has emerged. Listening to our customers, we developed a high offset version of the Traverse, the Traverse MX, to fit a number of vehicles that are now being built with mountain trails in mind. From the Volkswagen Atlas and Tiguan to the Subaru Outback and Forester, the Traverse MX is the perfect adventure wheel for vehicles that will see use on and off the road. Like its HD predecessor, the Traverse MX utilizes our "Rock Ring" technology to strengthen the tire bead and provide protection for the valve stem.

fifteen52 Metrix

With growing interest and demand for more adventure inspired CUV wheels, Fifteen52 took to the design studio and created another CUV/SUV design in the MX Family. The Metrix MX combines elements from different use cases while keeping to the ethos of Fifteen52. With twelve shortened spokes, a detailed deep lug bowl, and a recessed valve stem – the Metrix MX provides great strength and protection on the trail without compromising design. Here’s to new adventures.

Discover the Excellence of fifteen52 Wheels

If you're looking for high-quality wheels for performance, aesthetics and unbeatable drives, look no further than fifteen52 wheels at UroTuning. Since its inception in 1996, fifteen52 has carved a unique niche in the automotive industry, specializing in highperformance wheels that combine classic designs with modern engineering finesse.

At UroTuning, we understand your need to stand out on the road. That's why we offer a wide selection of fifteen52 wheels, allowing you to find the perfect match for your vehicle and personal style. Whether upgrading your daily driver or gearing up for the race track, fifteen52 cast wheels provide the reliability, performance and look you crave. Explore our collection and discover why fifteen52 wheels are the go-to choice for enthusiasts around the globe.



Explore the Entire fifteen52 Lineup

The fifteen52 wheels lineup showcases exactly how the company excels at blending style, performance and quality. They've always prioritized making wheels that align with their passion rather than following trends. This approach has led to the creation of products that are not only visually appealing but also functionally superior.

The crown jewels of the fifteen52 collection are their fifteen52 Tarmac wheels, a line that is particularly popular among performance car enthusiasts. fifteen52 Tarmac wheels embody motorsport, drawing inspiration from the racing world. Whether it's improved handling, better acceleration or a more responsive driving experience, fifteen52 Tarmac wheels make a significant impact.

Beyond the Tarmac series, the fifteen52 lineup includes a diverse range of cast wheels like the Apex series, Holeshot RSR series, Comp series and more, each with unique characteristics and benefits. Cast wheels are known for their durable construction, ensuring durability and reliability even under challenging driving conditions. The variety of designs and finishes available in the fifteen52 cast wheels range means there is something for every enthusiast, regardless of their vehicle model or personal style.


How to Mount fifteen52 Wheels

Mounting your new fifteen52 wheels is a simple process. Still, we want to give you as much info as possible to ensure things go smoothly. Check out this quick video from fifteen52 showcasing the full step-by-step process to mount their signature Comp touring wheels.

Frequently Asked Questions: FIFTEEN52 WHEELS

If you have any questions or need more information about fifteen52 wheels and accessories, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What Types of Vehicles Are fifteen52 Wheels Designed For?

fifteen52 wheels are designed primarily for European car models, including brands like Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche. However, they offer a diverse range of styles and sizes that can also suit various other vehicle types.

Are fifteen52 Wheels Suitable for Off-Road Use?

Yes, fifteen52 offers a range of wheels specifically designed for off-road use. These include the Analog, Traverse HD and Turbomac HD series, which are built to withstand off-road driving conditions.

What Makes fifteen52 Cast Wheels Unique?

fifteen52 cast wheels are inspired by motorsport designs, offering a blend of performance and style. They are favored for their unique design, lightweight construction and ability to enhance the driving experience.

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