Forge Motorsport was founded in 1996 with the simple ideals of innovation, clever design, and manufacturing to the highest quality. Forge Motorsport are manufacturers of World class products of the highest quality, delivering outstanding customer service beyond anything ever encountered. Utilizing a state of the art in house CNC machine shop, and a highly skilled team of dedicated engineers and fabricators, Forge Motorsports has sources for their great parts across the globe.



Forge Motorsport is a performance supplier for many engine components from blow off valves, turbo components, intercoolers, intakes and so much more. Each parts is tested and specifically tuned for your applications and model of vehicle. Forge Motorsport is dedicated to supplying top notch performance upgrade parts for your vehicle to outperform the competition in reliability and power.



The Forge Suspension Systems have been developed with fast road and track driving in mind, but for those that prefer more show than go, it also offers a two stage lowering system that takes your car from low to really low. Firstly the shock body itself is adjustable in length which means that you don’t have to make the spring shorter in order to lower the car. This means that ride quality can be maintained as the spring stays at its optimum length and the travel of the shock (i.e. its ability to absorb bumps) isn’t affected. Secondly the length of the spring can be adjusted, just like a normal coilover, so as the spring gets shorter the car gets lower. Forge also supplies lift kits for slect vehicles.



When adding a lot of Go, you should upgrade your Whoa. Forge Motorsport has you covered with various big brake upgrade kits available. Based on your application, you can choose from 4 to 6 pot brake calipers paired with multi-piece brake rotors drilled and slotted to perform at the maximum to allow for a better feel when braking under high stress. UroTuning has both Front and Rear big brake kits for most models.

Explore Our Selection of Forge Motorsport Products

Forge Motorsport's passion for excellence has driven the creation of some of the most sought-after performance parts in the industry. Whether you're a car enthusiast seeking to elevate your driving experience or a racer aiming for the podium, Forge Motorsport is your gateway to achieving automotive excellence.

Forge Motorsport performance parts result from extensive research and development, ensuring that every component in their lineup enhances your driving experience in a meaningful way. From turbochargers that breathe new life into your engine to advanced cooling systems that maintain optimal performance, Forge Motorsport is dedicated to redefining your ride. At UroTuning, we're proud to partner with Forge Motorsport, bringing their exceptional selection of performance parts directly to you.


Forge Motorsport Performance Parts: Elevating Your Drive

Forge Motorsport has carved a niche in the automotive industry with its exceptional lineup of performance parts, suspension systems and brake kits. These components are designed to meet and exceed the expectations of even the most selective European car enthusiasts.

Unleashing Power With Forge Motorsport Performance Parts

Our inventory of Forge Motorsport parts is massive, catering to various aspects of vehicle performance. From exhaust systems that boost power output to catch cans that maintain engine efficiency, each part is a testament to Forge's commitment to enhancing your vehicle's capabilities. Upgrading with Forge Motorsport not only unlocks new levels of power and efficiency but also ensures a driving experience that is both thrilling and refined.



Handling and stability are crucial for any driving enthusiast. Forge Motorsport suspension systems are engineered to perfection, offering an unparalleled blend of comfort and control. Whether navigating tight corners or cruising on open roads, Forge Motorsport suspension parts significantly improve your vehicle's handling. You can expect a ride that's smoother and more responsive to your driving style.


When it comes to safety and performance, Forge Motorsport brake kits stand in a league of their own. These high-performance brake systems deliver exceptional stopping power, critical for high-speed pursuits and everyday driving alike. With improved pedal feel and reduced brake fade, Forge Motorsport brake kits ensure you have the confidence to push your vehicle to its limits, knowing that control is always at your fingertips.

VW Golf MK7 Intercooler Comparison

Want to learn more about how Forge Motorsport develops its products? Check out this short video discussing one of their newest offerings: The MK7 & MK8 VW Golf intercooler.

Frequently Asked Questions: Audi Aftermarket Parts

If you have any questions or need more information about Forge Motorsports aftermarket parts and accessories, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Can Forge Motorsport Performance Parts Improve My Horsepower?

Absolutely! Forge Motorsport's products, such as upgraded turbochargers, intercoolers and intake systems, are designed to increase engine efficiency and power output. These enhancements can significantly improve horsepower and torque, giving your vehicle a noticeable boost in performance.

Are Forge Motorsport Suspension Systems Suitable for Everyday Driving?

Yes! Forge Motorsport suspension systems are designed to balance performance and comfort, making them ideal for everyday driving. They enhance handling and stability, providing a smoother, more responsive driving experience, even in everyday road conditions.

How Do Forge Motorsport Brake Kits Enhance Safety?

Forge Motorsport brake kits improve safety by providing superior stopping power and reduced brake fade. This means more consistent braking performance, especially under high-stress or demanding driving conditions. Improved pedal feel also contributes to better control and confidence while driving.

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Elevate your driving experience today with Forge Motorsport performance parts from UroTuning! Whether you're looking to boost your vehicle's power, refine its handling or enhance its safety, Forge Motorsport offers the perfect solution tailored to your needs. Don't just drive. Transform your journey into an exhilarating adventure with cutting-edge components designed for excellence. The expert team at UroTuning is ready to help you select the ideal parts for your vehicle, ensuring a seamless fit and outstanding performance. Why wait? Unleash the full potential of your car with Forge Motorsport and experience the difference today.




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