FSPE designs and builds top notch aero solutions for your vehicle including splitters, diffusers, spoiler extensions, canards, and more! FSPE is tired of seeing a market littered with low quality, low performance aero solutions, and aims to fix this issue by creating affordable aero products that are handcrafted and designed with passion, precision, and performance in mind.

FSPE products are designed using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and are precision laser cut and professionally powder coated in Bakersfield, CA.


FSPE splitters come in a variety of designs both single piece and multi-piece and feature up to 16 mounting points to insure rigidity and safety for your vehicle. Whether you're looking for a simple OEM style lip design, or an all out race-ready splitter with support rods, FSPE has the right aero for your build! FSPE splitters come with all necessary mounting products and are avialable in matte or gloss black.


FSPE diffusers are vehicle specific and precision laser cut to insure easy installation and ultimate performance. The FSPE rear diffuser comes in a variety of shapes and styles, and helps create downforce, alleviate drag, and of course looks incredible!

Add performance as well as an aesthetic boost to the rear-end of your vehicle with an FS Performance Engineering diffuser!


Sometimes OEM just isn't enough. Thats why FS Performance Engineering creates spoiler extensions that utilize the lines of your stock spoiler and expand upon them, adding an OEM+ look that is as aggressive as it is effective.

FSPE spoiler extensions are crafted out of 12 gauge (0.08") 5052 aluminum, and come with all the necessary mounting hardware for a hassle free install!


FSPE Canards are a subtle and effective addition to your arsenal of performance aero! Canards are race-derived aero solutions meant to help with downforce and cornering, not to mention they look great as well!

If you're looking to add some subtle yet aggressive aero to your vehicle, or maybe looking to complete the full aero look, these FSPE canards are up to the task!