HPA Motorsports was founded in 1991, and has continued to grow from its grassroots start into the world renowned company it is today. Located in Langley, BC, Canada, HPA's facility features multiple service bays, a fabrication shop, a CNC machining center, and a Superflow AWD Dyno.

HPA specializes in aftermarket forced induction upgrades and tuning for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, as well as a wide range of aftermarket parts ranging from turbos to coilovers.

HPA's research and development team is constantly working to develop unique custom solutions for in-house vehicle builds, as well as new parts for enthusiasts worldwide!


HPA creates a wide range of turbo upgrades meant to upgrade or replace your OEM turbo system for increased power! The K04 Hybrid Turbo Upgrade is a prime example of how HPA develops turbo upgrades meant solely to outperform.

For over two decades, HPA has been building hybrid turbines for the VR6 powertrain, working with the very best suppliers both overseas and domestically. HPA ensures the tightest quality standards are maintained in castings and the assembly by proprietary CHRA's which feature a larger rotor and steeper turbine fins for increased torque delivery and rpm range.


HPA creates intake manifold upgrades that increase power and performance with better flow and higher boost capacity.

HPA manifolds are a direct bolt-on replacement for your OEM plastic intake manifold, and feature a 40% increase in volume over the OEM plenum. Its cast aluminum construction supports larger turbos and higher boost resulting in big potential performance gains.

Take your VW/Audi TSI or FSI engine to the next level with an HPA intake manifold upgrade!


Working closely with their partners at Baer Brakes, HPA engineers have developed compact high performance big brake packages to fit both front and rear Mk4 / Mk5 / Mk6 / MK7 and Audi TT/A3 applications.

These big brake kits are designed in conjunction with Baer and proudly made in the USA. Since 1993, The Baer team has used their philosophy of combining technical and analytical skills to create over 160 different brake systems to meet their stringent standards of performance and durability.


Developed in conjunction with the engineers at KW Automotive, the team at HPA Motorsports has designed a coilover system that is built to perform!

HPA’s SHS coilovers offer unmatched balance between handling and comfort. All SHS applications are based off KW’s twin tube low pressure damper design. Embracing KW’s patented valve technology, the high-speed dampening characteristics remain similar to OEM offering a near factory comfort level, while the low speed dampening power is increased to eliminate pitch and roll associated with heavy braking or corner entry. Each application features linear race springs on the front and progressive barrel spring on the rear.

HPA coilovers are the ultimate suspension solution for the enthusiast looking to gain better control while maintaining everyday ride comfort.


HPA's exhausts are CAD designed and optimized for flow and back pressure. Each system is built from premium materials and then road tested to ensure optimal performance. Stainless steel three inch mandrel bent tubing optimizes flow while an optional integrated mechanical bypass valve opening under WOT reduces system back pressure.

The sudden drop in system back pressure under acceleration enables the turbo to spin more freely. The lower exhaust manifold temps allow your ECU to maximize its ignition, yielding more power. Rear HPA mufflers take the harsh edge off of the exhaust sound, while retaining the aggressive aftermarket note you're looking for.


HPA downpipes focus on functionality and durability, with T304L stainless mandrel tubing, precision tig welds, and Argon back purging for an ultra clean look on the exterior and a perfect clean weld on the interior. HPA's CNC formed hangers and laser cut flanges withstand turbo heat, while flex couplings feature an internal stainless steel interlock liner that facilitates smooth flow of high temperature exhaust gases.

Each HPA downpipe is designed around emissions compliance requirements, thermal radiation/contact surface clearances, and engine ECU software framework to ensure that the dimensions and catalytic converter requirements are calibrated within the spectrum of the ECU's capabilities.

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