HRE specializes in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece forged, as well as cast flow form aluminum alloy wheels for performance applications in cars and SUV's. Based in San Francisco, California, HRE's built-to-order forged wheels offer a completely customizable range of widths, offsets, and finishes, allowing you to showcase your own personal style and performance needs through your unique set of wheels.


One of the most popular flow-form options from HRE, the FF01 is a classic split seven spoke design that exudes a performance based luxurious aesthetic. Perfect for a daily driven commuter or a weekend track car, the FF01 is one of the most popular HRE wheels for a reason!

Available in a wide range of sizes, fitments, and colors, the FF01 is perfect for any ride!


The FF10 from HRE is a complex and aggressive "honey-comb" style design featuring interlocking spokes at varying angles - creating a unique and sporty pattern that pushes the limits of modern wheel design. If you like a little more going on when it comes to wheel designs, the FF10 is the wheel for you!

Perfect for any ride, the FF10 is available in a wide range of sizes and finishes.


The FF11 from HRE takes the FF10 design and strips a3way the ctra frills and angles, making for a deign that is just as aggressive, but a bit more refined and clean. If you like the angles of the FF10, but want a wheel with a more clean overall look, the FF11 is the perfect choice!

As with all HRE wheels, the FF11 is available in a wide range of sizes, fitments,a nd finishes!

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