iSWEEP is a brand under the Japanese brand Ishikawa Engineering, specializing in performance products for European vehicles including diffusers, roof wings, oil pans, chassis bracing, side skirts, front lips, and more. All iSWEEP products are designed and manufactured in Japan, with the main design focus being vehicle control and handling.

iSWEEp and Ishikawa Engineering have an extensive background in Japanese Motorsport, and supply a wide range of performance parts which we are excited to offer here at UroTuning! Scroll down to learn more or click below to shop all iSWEEP products!


iSWEEP creates a wide range of body components for Volkswagen vehicles including front lips, side-skirts, rear wing extensions, and more! These parts have a classy, performance-oriented OEM+ look that enhances any vehicle. iSWEEP body components are engineered to fit perfectly with a hassle free installation, and are constructed from Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) and comes in a white gel-coat that is ready to be paint matched to your vehicle! Click below to shop aero components from iSWEEP!


iSWEEP also designs and manufactures a wide range of chassis bracing for Volkswagen, Audi, and Mini Vehicles. These braces are designed to tighten cornering and reduce body roll by increasing chassis rigidity. A stiffer chassis leads to an increased sense of vehicle stability and comfort, helping your car perform better, and you helping you drive better! Click below to explore all of the bracing options for your vehicle!

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