Klii Motorwerkes (pronounced Kléé) is centered on creating and purveying tastefully-designed goods for contemporary European cars. The products by Klii Motorwerkes allow automotive enthusiasts to put a personalized stamp on their vehicles and improve aesthetics.




Klii Motorwerkes has mastered the science of a perfect fitting insert vinyl for you vehicle badges. Specializing in Volkswagen, they create badge skins that are cut with just about any color or pattern imaginable to accent your vehicle. They also have color matched vinyl inserts to perfectly match the body color of your vehicle! The Klii Motorwerkes inserts are available for most Volkswagen Models. Checkout the extensive selection UroTuning has to offer.




The best details are those that are right in front of you. Literally - Klii Motorwerkes offers mirror wraps for most Volkswagen models that change the look of your ride from the outside ever so subtly but still impactful. These mirror wraps are easy to apply to the rear of your rearview mirror and they really add a style to your car that is sure to grab some attention. Now you can say that you have 'covered' every detail of your vehicle with something a bit custom!






Something everyone has on their car is a license plate (we hope). Why not add a touch of detail to your license plate with an accent frame to match your style! Klii Motorwerkes has many different options to choose from including some heritage designs like the Porsche one pictured here, a few Audi inspired race designs and Volkswagen Plaid designs! The options are endless and why not class up your license plate a bit. Stand out from the crowed with a custom Klii Motorwerkes license plate frame.