Back in 2002, Lamin-x Protective Films was founded to create an entirely new market of lens, paint, and surface protection for the automotive aftermarket products industry. They were inspired by the endurance racing industry's use of protective films to produce a bright yellow light output. From that I realized the market potential of clear and colored film covers for the automotive and motorcycle markets.

We wanted to use a quality product that is thick and strong enough to protect surfaces for long distance racing, yet it needed to be transparent enough to not affect light optics. From that idea became an entire line-up of products that serve multiple, even endless purposes for many different industries.


If you are searching for a solution to tint or darken tail lights, then this high-quality overlay product is the perfect solution.

Lamin-X products are made from high quality, adhesive-backed protective film that applies like an overlay directly onto the light. The films special adhesive allows for very forgiving installation. You can apply numerous times upon initial application to get it just right, and it can be easily removed in the future. Each kit is pre-cut to fit both the left and right tail lights. Checkout our endless spread of options for your car!

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