Maxton Design is an automotive styling parts manufacturer originally based in Poland. Maxton Design specializes in high quality aero components including splitters, diffusers, wings, body kits, and more. Since 2006, Maxton has supplied a huge range of aero components for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles with an emphasis on designs that add character, and perform to the highest standards.

Maxton Design is run by enthusiasts just like you, offering high quality parts at affordable prices, with the best customer service in the game!


Maxton Design front splitters not only improve the overall aesthetics of the front end of your vehicle, but also improve aerodynamics by increasing downforce! 3D laser cut to provide a perfect fitment every time, Maxton splitters are vehicle specific and made from high endurance ABS plastic, known for its scratch and shock resistant properties.

Give your front-end that performance oriented refresh that it needs with a Maxton Design splitter kit!


Maxton Design side skirts offer a vehicle model specific application from high quality ABS plastic. Available in three finishes; gloss black, textured black, and carbon look, these side skirts are perfect for any vehicle style you prefer.

Treated with a UV resistant coating and TUV certified for material quality, Maxton Design side skirts are built to look great for years to come!


One of the most popular aerodynamic upgrades amongst MK7 GTI owners and for good reason! Maxton Design rear lip spoilers add a sporty aggressive look and increase downforce for an upgrade that looks great and performs.

Each kit includes a mounting manual, 3M tape, and cleaning cloth and is available in a variety of finishes to match your specific taste.


A nice rear diffuser can undoubtedly take the rear end of your vehicle to w whole new level, adding an aggressive, motorsport inspired look as well as aerodynamic improvement.

Each rear diffuser kit from Maxton Design is ready to be installed and is design for a vehicle specific hassle free installation.

Discover Maxton Design Body Parts & Upgrades at UroTuning

When it comes to automotive aesthetics, few brands stand out as boldly and consistently as Maxton Design. Representing a fusion of European innovation and exceptional craftsmanship, Maxton Design USA allows car enthusiasts to bring their style to new heights. Each product in their lineup, from the sleek side skirts to aerodynamic spoilers, exemplifies the brand's commitment to quality, style and performance. If you've been on the hunt for Maxton Design body parts that truly resonate with your vehicle's spirit, look no further than UroTuning.

Maxton Design body upgrades are sculpted for performance and style, ensuring that every curve and edge serves a functional purpose while elevating your car's appearance. Browse our entire selection today.



We Carry the Entire Maxton Designs Lineup

UroTuning takes pride in offering a curated selection of Maxton Design USA's best and most sought-after body parts and upgrades. As enthusiasts, we recognize the transformative power of Maxton Designs and its ability to breathe new life into any vehicle.

Front Splitters: Add a touch of aggression to the front end of your vehicle. Maxton Design's front splitters don't just make a visual statement; they improve aerodynamics and driving dynamics.

Side Skirts: Enhance your vehicle's lateral profile with sleek and functional side skirts, designed to blend with its contours while adding a sporty flair seamlessly.

Rear Diffusers: A blend of style and function, these diffusers augment the aesthetics of your vehicle's rear and optimize airflow, enhancing stability at higher speeds.

Spoilers: Perfectly crafted to complement various vehicle models, these spoilers are the epitome of aerodynamic excellence, ensuring improved downforce while accentuating the car's silhouette.

Maxton Design body parts and body upgrades are crafted with precision, ensuring perfect compatibility and ease of installation. These parts don't just add to your vehicle's visual appeal; they enhance its overall performance and driving experience.


Crafted for Enthusiasts By Enthusiasts

For the European car aficionado, it's not just about speed or performance; it's about embodying a legacy of elegance, precision and innovation. Maxton Design USA understands this deeply rooted passion and crafts its lineup to reflect the distinct nuances and subtleties that European cars represent.

Precision Fit: European cars are celebrated for their intricate design and engineering. Maxton Design body parts are crafted to mirror this precision, ensuring a seamless fit for brands like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and more.

Elegant Aesthetics: European cars are synonymous with sophistication. Maxton Designs tastefully accentuates these refined lines, adding flair without overshadowing the innate elegance of the vehicle.

Optimized Performance: European cars are built for the Autobahn, winding Mediterranean coast roads and the historic circuits of Europe. Maxton Design body upgrades, from aerodynamic enhancements to functional diffusers, are tailored to elevate this performance ethos, complementing and enhancing the car's capabilities.

Legacy & Innovation: Just as European carmakers have balanced tradition with cutting-edge technology, Maxton Design honors this legacy by infusing traditional craftsmanship with innovative materials and designs.

Maxton Design and UroTuning offer an experience beyond mere accessorizing for the purist who values authenticity. It's about celebrating the rich heritage ofautomobiles and enhancing their charisma with upgrades that understand and magnify their spirit.

Maxton Design Body Upgrades on the Audi R8

Want to see what Maxton Design body upgrades can do for your ride? Check out this short video showcasing their iconic Audi R8 collection. From subtle enhancements that accentuate the R8's inherent elegance to bold transformations that amplify its racing heritage, this video encapsulates what Maxton Design USA brings to the table.

The UroTuning crew heads down to MTM USA in Miami, FL to take a closer look at Nishant's (@rswgns) brand new Audi RS6 Tribute Edition. With 722 horsepower from an MTM tune, a full Akrapovic exhaust, a full Maxton Design body kit, and tons of custom interior work, this understated beast is ready for the fastest grocery runs in town.

Frequently Asked Questions: Maxton design

If you have any questions or need more information about Maxton Design parts and accessories, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Are Maxton Design Body Parts Easy to Install?

Maxton Design crafts its products to ensure compatibility with specific car models. While many enthusiasts opt for professional installation, most of their parts come with necessary fittings and detailed instructions, allowing for DIY installations.

How Do Maxton Design Body Upgrades Impact Performance?

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, some Maxton Design body upgrades, like front splitters and rear diffusers, can influence a car's aerodynamics. These parts can enhance stability at high speeds, improve downforce and potentially boost overall driving dynamics.

How Do I Maintain Maxton Design Body Parts?

Maxton Design body parts are made for durability. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water, followed by a non-abrasive cloth or sponge, is typically sufficient. It's advisable to avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to maintain the parts' finish and luster.


Elevate Your Drives With Maxton Design

There's never been a better time to redefine the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle. With Maxton Design body parts and upgrades, you're not just making a purchase but investing in a legacy of European automotive excellence. UroTuning offers the finest selection of Maxton Design products, each tailored to accentuate and uplift your car's persona. Don't just follow the road; make a statement on it. Shop Maxton Design at UroTuning today.




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