Mint Performance creates high performance, hand-made exhaust components for BMW and Audi (and many more) vehicles including exhaust components, downpipes, manifolds, turbo components, and more! Based in Denver, Mint is a full service performance shop that takes pride in each hand designed, hand welded piece of performance gear they offer. When you order from Mint, you can rest assured you're getting a fantastic products! Click below to shop all Mint Performance Products, or scroll below to learn more!


Mint Downpipes are crafted from high quality, high strength 305L stainless steel, and are hand built right here in the United States. Mint Performance downpipes are professionally back-purged and TIG welded, and come with a limited lifetime warranty! These downpipes are designed for optimum performance and functionality, and are paired perfectly with Mint Performance Manifolds.


As is the case with all Mint Performance products, Mint manifolds are hand built in the USA and are designed to get the most out of your vehicle. Available in turbo and non turbo configurations, these manifolds are built with high quality n304L stainless steel and are back-purged and dual-pass welded to insure strength and longevity. Each manifold undergoes am advanced porting process and are machined to insure a proper gasket seal.

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