Motegi Racing was conceived with one mission in mind, performance. Each and every one of Motegi's wheels is over-engineered to ensure industry leading strength, the lightest weights possible and a seamless connection to your unique style.

We are excited to offer a wide range of Motegi wheels at UroTuning! Click below to shop all of the Motegi wheels we have to offer or scroll down to explore some of our most popular Motegi options!


Motegi MR131 Traklite wheels are race-bred wheels designed to perform under extreme conditions generated by the enthusiastic driving of modern performance cars.

Strong and sleek, these flow-formed aluminum wheels deliver strength and weight savings, giving you the best of both worlds. Each rim has a smooth, 5-star spoke pattern with a recessed hub and branded spoke. An engraved Motegi Racing branded center cap is also included. As strapping as they are stylish, these Motegi MR131 Traklite wheels are built to withstand the rigors of professional road racing, dragging, and drifting. They are available in a range of rim diameters, bolt patterns, and offsets to suit your setup.


Motegi MR140 one-piece aluminum rims use flow formed technology—a unique casting process that combines the strength and weight savings of a forged wheel, with the cost savings of a cast wheel.

They are styled with a 10-spoke design, the Motegi Racing name, and matching center cap with the Motegi logo. The MR140 wheels are offered in a choice of sizes with a range of bolt patterns and offsets. Order the wheels to fit your make and model.



Born from a passion for street performance, Motegi MR127 satin black wheels serve notice that you mean business.

Built from aluminum for maximum weight control, these dynamic rims feature track-ready construction. Sculpted with a 10-point pattern of slender, tapering spokes, the wheels are stylized with a stepped-up design at the base of the spokes and a groove around the outer lip. A branded center cap is also included with each wheel. There's one eye-candy element that works with any high-octane mod: a set of Motegi Racing MR127 wheels!



These Motegi MR142 are sure to make your ride stand out! The Motegi MR142 is a One-Piece Alloy wheel featuring a beveled 8 spoke design that adds detail and interest to a classic look.

These beautiful 8 spoke wheels are available in multiple sizes, bolt patterns, and configuration and will be sure to elevate the look of your vehicle build!



Check out the Motegi MR116! These one-piece aluminum wheels offer lightweight strength with heavyweight looks. These MR116s sport a 5-spoke design covered with a smooth finish and sporting a indented Motegi logo on one of the spokes.

Perfect for anyone looking for a sporty, race-inspired, OEM+ look. Spice up your looks and performance with a set of Motegi MR116 wheels.


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