Working in conjunction with Eibach, MSS Kits solve the problem of a performance suspension kit for those who drive cars with active or adaptive suspension systems in their vehicles. MSS Kits bring the best out of your factory shock absorbers, and are the first solution of their kind on the market. Until now, enhancing the handling capability of active suspension systems meant compromising ride comfort.

Specifically designed and calibrated to reduce squat, dive, and harsh ride, MSS kits are also backed by an unbeatable lifetime warranty!



MSS compares the innovative operation of their spring kits to a finely tuned speaker system, with each spring representing a specific frequency range that they are optimized for. MSS spring kits and their triple rated stacked rear springs help reduce bumps and harshness by allowing each spring rate to account for different bumps and vibrations across the "frequency" range.

The small black springs in the kit are rated to 100lbs, and act as the "tweeters" in the suspension system, absorbing small road bumps and vibrations. The middle springs, rated for 300lbs, handle the middle sized bumps, and are the most versatile springs in the arrangement, handling a wide range of small to large road surface bumps to stabilize the vehicle.

The heavy duty springs, rated to over 2500lbs perform the supporting role of stabilizing the vehicle over large road bumps at high speeds to reduce body roll, squate, and brake diving.


The MSS Street Kit is best suited for those looking for the most comfortable possible ride characteristics. Compatible with a huge range of active suspension including VW's DCC, Audi's MagneRide, Porsche's PASM, and BMW's EDC, this system is perfect for those looking to lower their ride while retaining all the adjustability of your vehicles OEM suspension.

The MSS Street Kit is the softest of the MSS lineup, but you can still expect flat cornering, decrease in body roll, as well as a significant improvement in ride quality!


MSS's most popular option, the Sport Kit work best with cars that come equipped with electronic ride control because they are stiffer and steadier in the middle setting on the suspension. Even without ride control, Street Kits improve upon factory ride quality and offer even higher performance than the street kit, with flatter cornering, and greater control over rougher roads and tarmac.

On front wheel drive cars you can expect reduction of wheel hop on the front axle, not something usually expected from competitors suspension systems.


The track pack from MSS shares some characteristics of the Sport Kits, but brings everything a step further in terms of track-oriented performance. With a similar ride quality to the Sport Kit, the Track Pack really shines when the suspension is under full load in extreme race situations. The Track Pack offers flattened cornering, reduced harshness while riding the apex curb on track, as well as improved steering reaction with less input necessary during cornering when compared to factory suspension.

If you're looking for the ultimate in on track performance, cornering, and steering feel, the MSS Track Pack is for you!

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