Founded in 2003, New South Performance is a performance company focused on designing and manufacturing quality automotive parts and accessories for Volkswagens, Audis, Porsches, BMWs, and more.

New South prides themselves on high-performance and affordability without sacrificing quality or function. New South's patent-holding team takes pride in creating parts and products that are developed and tested to work best for your car.

New South works by keeping costs down so they can put money where it counts – into their products. New South Performance recycles and reuses 95%+ of unused scrap raw materials – that’s good for the environment and good for your cost!


New South gauges use the same LED's as OEM VW and Audi instrument panels, which gives you a clean OEM+ look that perfectly matches your OEM lighting.

With details such as a lighted red needle, a backlit black gauge face, and lettering that matches the instrumentation, New South gauges will give your interior a factory-spec look with a performance-inspired twist!


New South designs gauge pods that integrate seamlessly into your interior, making aftermarket gauges look like they were installed from the factory!

With a multitude of mounting options including air vent pods, dash clusters and more, New South gauge pods are a must have if you're running aftermarket gauges. New South gauge pods are available in single, double, and triple gauge configurations to accommodate any combo you're looking to run in your next build!



The TurboPod and ColumnPod options from New South Performance allow you to simply and quickly add a gauge system to the steering column of your VW or Audi vehicle!

This design allows height and telescopic adjustment of the steering column and hides all wires and tubes from view. If your car has A-pillar airbags, the ColumnPod gives you an alternative to a pillar-mounted pod system. This gauge system looks like its meant to be therefrom the factory!


NewSouth Performance has designed an insulating gasket that radically reduces the heat transfer from the cylinder head to the intake manifold. Introducing the New South PowerGasket!

PowerGasket Plus unlocks up to 5% more power from your engine by reducing the temperature of the incoming air to your engine. This gives you cooler, denser air for more horsepower and performance from your engine.

The PowerGasket Plus is made from a purpose-built high performance composite material. It conducts on average less than 1/500th of the heat of the steel gasket that it replaces. Your intake manifold will stay 30-50 F cooler and your incoming air will stay 20-30 F cooler.

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