PLM's mission is simple - to provide enthusiasts with the best value, and the best performance-per-dollar when it comes to aftermarket performance parts! PLM specializes in high performance exhaust components including, downpipes, midpipes, axle-back exhausts, and heat exchangers for Audi, BMW, and Mercedes vehicles. Click below to shop all PLM parts, or scroll down to learn more about PLM!


PLM Private Label Mfg. downpipes are designed to improve your turbo charged vehicles performance. These pipes are made from high quality stainless steel. PLM downpipes feature a larger diameter design that helps to improve exhaust flow, while keeping boost pressure up and improving throttle response. PLM downpipes take your performance to the next level by allowing your motor and turbo to breathe! Click below and shop now!


Heat exchangers are a vital part of any build! PLM heat exchangers are specifically designed to prevent overheating that is all too common when driving in hot weather or pushing your vehicle to the limit. If you increase boost or horsepower, expect your intake charge temp to rise even further. The solution is to add the upgraded Private Label Mfg. Power Driven heat exchanger with Reservoir Tank. This heat exchanger will significantly reduce intake charge temps allowing you to keep power. PLM Power Driven heat exchangers use non epoxied furnace braced cores resulting in better heat dissipation and are welded with CNC precision machined billet aluminum necks.


PLM Headers are designed to improve horsepower, and bring out the best sound your vehicle is capable of, in a bolt-on design that requires zero cutting or welding for installation. Crafted from 304 grade hand TIG welded stainless steel with high quality flanges and piping, PLM headers are perfect for anyone looking to increase performance and engine sound!


Unlike unsightly reservoirs from other brands, PLM reservoirs are mounted behind the front bumper, keeping your engine bay clean and open. With up to 4 additional liters of fluid, PLM reservoir kits allow you to keep your system cool during harsh conditions or performance applications. This Reservoir Tank Kit will significantly reduce intake charge temps allowing you to keep all the power gains.

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