Prothane manufactures a wide range of high-performance urethane products as replacements and upgrades for bushings, brackets, and OEM (factory) rubber parts that will last the life of your vehicle. Each of their products are specifically tailored to the exact specifications of resiliency, performance, and durability for the specific application.



Urethane/Polyurethane is a term used to describe a family of elastomers (any compound exhibiting the characteristics of natural rubber; stretchy and elastic). Poly meaning “many” and “urethane” denotes the classification of the chemical structure. Polyurethane or Urethane for short is used as a solid cast material (bushings, mounts, mount inserts, etc.) that can be compounded as soft as a rubber band or as hard as a bowling ball. Each of the Prothane products are specially formed to exact specifications for resilience, performance, and durability for the specific application.

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