RacingLine is based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom and is a tier-1 performance and motorsport partner to the Volkswagen Group. Perhaps best known for racecars within the Volkswagen Racing motorsport program since 1997, Racingline is synonymous with high performance VW specific racing solutions.

What started as a manufacturer- motorsport partnership is now an increasingly popular Motorsport & Performance Parts range sold all over the world. If you're looking for the best performance parts for your Volkswagen, look no further, Racingline is trusted by VW and has proven themselves through years of motorsport pedigree!


Rather than focus on engineering a generic or universal performance spring option for a variety of models, Racingline focused on creating the best possible spring solution for the VW Golf models. Racingline sport springs are designs to slightly lower and stiffen your Golf suspension, improving performance and aesthetics without compromising the OEM daily drivability of the vehicle.

Racingline VWR springs are designs to work seamlessly with OEM dampers, making for an upgrade that is easy to install, and perfect for spirited daily driving. With different spring options based on your vehicles weight and drivetrain, Racingline is sure t have a perfect spring setup for your vehicle!



Racingline VWR coilover systems offer the ultimate solution in ease of adjustment and handling. A single easily-reached adjuster varies the bump and rebound settings of the damper through 12 settings front and rear to suit your preferences and usages, allowing you to stiffen the damping when you get on-track, and soften it when you use the car on bumpy road use. It's as easy as that.

Featuring a monotube designs, StreetSport kits are European-made from strong, durable stainless steel powder-coated in satin black for durability, using a 22mm shaft and anodized aluminum spring seats. Racingline coilovers offer the ultimate in performance handling and daily comfort.


RacingLine sway bars have been carefully developed with varying set ups over the past few years of race and track work until VWR has arrived at the perfect settings. They have three stiffness settings, which equate to road use in the softer position, and track use in the stiffer position with the central adjusting holes representing a fast-road setting. This adjustability gives you the option to choose the best setting for your preferred use and leave it, or for more demanding drivers it allows you to tailor your handling to suit your preferences by varying relative stiffness front to rear.

The upgraded VWR RacingLine Anti Roll Bars will stiffen up the cornering response characteristics of your car significantly without compromising ride comfort!


Looking for the most sophisticated cold-air intake available for your VW/Audi? The Racingline VWR R600 intake is our best selling system. Little wonder, as it combines OEM-standard design and quality with significant power gains on uprated cars. OEM-standards of design, quality, materials and construction, hand-made in the UK. Fits like a factory part; lasts like a factory part. Airflow is no accident. Fully developed with F1-standard CFD programmes. It's no wonder so many high-power MQB cars choose the R600.


Racingline's upgraded Drivetrain Mounts are a CNC-machined, fully engineered replacement set of three mounts designed to greatly decrease engine and transmission movement, ensuring clean transfer of power to the track. The risk of wheel-hop under hard acceleration is essentially eliminated as the whole engine assembly is firmly prevented from juddering when wheelspin occurs and through aggressive gear changes.

To harness power increases, and transfer that power to the track where you need it, Racingline's Drivetrain Mounts will give a much more solid drive, and add crucial durability to any high-powered or hard-driven car.


The VWR Monoblock Big Brake Upgrade brings the highest levels of brake technology to your Volkswagen, and gives a real supercar look and feel in the braking department. The lightweight Monoblock construction is usually reserved for the highest-specification motorsport kits, being vastly stiffer and lighter than the original calipers.

Meanwhile, a much bigger, fully-floating disc and enlarged pad area gives greater heat capacity, thus reducing the effect of fade, whilst the braided steel brake lines reduce the compliance in the braking system to ensure firm pedal response under all conditions.


Boost Your Volkswagen's Power With RacingLine Performance Parts

Are you ready to unlock the full performance potential of your ride? Look no further than RacingLine, a brand synonymous with innovation, quality and top-tier performance. With a history steeped in motorsports and a relentless focus on engineering excellence, RacingLine performance parts set the benchmark for automotive upgrades that push the boundaries.


Originating from the high-octane arena of professional racing, RacingLine brings racebred technology to your doorstep. From high-performance RacingLine intake systems to finely-tuned suspension parts, every RacingLine performance part is a testament to engineering precision.



We Carry the Full RacingLine Lineup

With a lineup that caters to a wide range of needs, RacingLine empowers you to make tailored modifications that align with your driving style.

Engine Optimization: The heart of any high-performance vehicle lies in its engine. With RacingLine intake systems like the renowned RacingLine R600, you can optimize airflow to the engine, allowing it to breathe more freely and efficiently. The result? A significant bump in horsepower and torque every time you step on the gas.

Suspension Upgrades: Take control of the road like never before with RacingLine springs. Performance springs are designed for superior ride quality and handling and lower your car's center of gravity, reducing body roll and improving grip. Experience an exhilarating ride finely tuned to your driving style.

Braking Excellence: For those high-octane moments when every second counts, rely on a RacingLine big brake kit. These kits offer unparalleled stopping power, thanks to larger calipers and ventilated rotors, ensuring that your vehicle comes to a halt exactly when you need it to.

All-Round Performance: Beyond these key areas, RacingLine offers an array of additional parts and accessories to fine-tune every aspect of your vehicle. From intercoolers to sway bars and tunes, RacingLine performance parts are designed to work in tandem, delivering a cohesive and optimized driving experience.


RacingLine R600 INTAKE Install

Thinking of picking up a RacingLine R600 but don't know a thing about installation? Don't worry; we've got you covered. Check out this short step-by-step installation guide to see how straightforward the setup is.

If you're an Audi owner itching to give your ride some extra oomph, you won't want to miss this video. The folks at UroTuning have compiled a list of the top five performance parts to take your Audi build to the next level. Plus, they even throw in some specific brand and model recommendations to help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions: RACINGLINE

If you have any questions or need more information about Racingline aftermarket parts and accessories, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

Can I Install RacingLine Performance Parts Myself?

While some products like RacingLine intake systems are simple to install, others like the RacingLine big brake kits might require professional installation depending on your skill level. When in doubt, refer to the included installation instructions or consult with a qualified technician.

Are RacingLine Products Street-Legal?

Many RacingLine products are designed for both street and track use. However, regulations can vary depending on your location. Always check local laws and consult with experts to ensure the specific RacingLine performance parts you want to purchase comply with local regulations.

What Materials Are RacingLine Products Made Of?

RacingLine uses premium-quality materials like aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel and high-strength plastics in its performance parts. This ensures durability, longevity and optimum performance.

Shop RacingLine Performance Parts Now

There's no room for compromise when it comes to performance. RacingLine performance parts are the definitive choice for drivers who demand excellence in every aspect of their vehicle. Choose RacingLine and UroTuning today!




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