One word comes to mind when describing radi8 wheels; unique. Radi8 creates wheels unlike any other options on the market. Always innovating, never emulating, radi8 designs are setting the standard for the next chapter in wheel styling and construction.

With custom multi-piece forged options, as well as ready-to-roll cast options, radi8 is sure to have wheels that are as special as your ride.


Radi8 provides customers with a full range of fully customizable three-piece forged wheel options.

Pick your favorite radi8 style and allow their dedicated team to build you the perfect wheel for your vehicle. Dimensions, offset, lips, and finishes are all up to you at radi8!

Customize your forged radi8 wheels today!



Radi8 has coined the R8A10 design the "Charming Jerk." The name is fitting, as this wheel incorporates tried and true design styles with outside-of-the-box flair.

Its angular bevelled multi-spoke design meets with a motorsport-inspired outer lip to make this wheel something truly special.

Available in silver, black gold, and dark mist in 18" and 19"


Also known as "Mr. Drama Queen", the R8B12 is an attention seeker! If you want a wheel that becomes the focal point of your next build, the R8B12 may be the the wheel for you.

This honey comb-esque mesh incorporates a radial diamond pattern that is sure to impress.

Available in silver and black in 18" and 19"


Coined "the passive aggressive" by radi8, the R8C5 is an aggressively styled advanced mono-block design which features an aggressive directional inner pattern and a simple smooth outer lip with a beveled edge.

This stark contrast between aggressive and minimalistic styling makes for a unique wheel with the best of both worlds.

Available in black, silver, and dark mist, with machined face options in 18" and 19"



The R8CM9 may be one of radi8's boldest designs yet. Not for the faint of heart, this complex and aggressive wheel design features multiple layers and intricacies that can truly only be fully appreciated in person.

Perfect for your next stance build, the R8CM9 will definitely turn some heads!

Available in black, silver, gold, and dark mist, with machined face options, in 18" 19" and 20"


Taking a smoother approach from some of its more in-your-face counterparts, the R8S5 features a sleek directional design consisting of 5 rounded triangles that are achieved by radi8's ingenious use of negative space.

Coined "the sarcastic ninja" by the brand, this wheel flies under the radar, but is just flashy enough to be a total neck breaker. Featuring beveled edges and top-notch finishing, the R8S5 is ideal if you're looking for a gorgeous wheel with a sneaky and laid-back look.

Available in black and silver with machined face options in 18" 19" and 20"



Known as "the prodigy", the R8SD11 features a full-face design style that is truly innovative, and will work with just about any model.

The face of the wheel incorporates a unique step-down effect within the dish of the wheel itself, making for a design that stands apart while complimenting most any model.

Available in gloss gunmetal and dark mist in 19"


This wheel, aptly named "the turbine butcher" by radi8, features a design that is strikingly similar to a spinning turbine. This directional pattern looks great standing still when parked, and looks even better while moving.

Complexity is the name of the game for many radi8 designs, and the R8T12 highlights radi8's attention to wheel detail and styling.

Available in black, silver, gold, and dark mist with machined face options in 18" 19" and 20"

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