Over twenty years of industry experience has allowed Rohana to develop unique and inspiring designs that showcase what it means to carry the Rohana crest logo. With a wide range of sporty and luxurious wheel designs, Rohana has the perfect wheel model for any vehicle.

Rohana offers three incredible wheel collections; the new forged series, the rotary forged series, and the one that started it all, the RC series. Available around the world, Rohana is internationally recognized as an industry leader.


Rohana's most popular design, the RC10 is a 10-spoke wheel design that incorporates a unique floating spoke design that allows the wheel to have a deeper and more aggressive concave. This deep concave makes for a wheel that looks great on a wide range of vehicles, finding a solid middle-ground between sport and luxury.

aAvailable in 19" 20 " and 22" in machine silver, graphite, and black.


The RFX11 utilizes the latest Rotary Forming Technology and features a split 5 spoke arrangement. Built for form and function, Rohana has combined their iconic spoke features with a classic design to bring you a timeless addition to the RF line.

Applying state of the art technology and complex engineering, the RFX11 is specifically designed for performance vehicles. Available in 19" 20" and 22" in brushed titanium, brushed bronze, and gloss black.


The Rohana RC7 is a signature seven spoke design that embodies strength and elegance through its asymmetrical arrangement. Seven tapered and bevelled spokes give the RC7 a simple and elegant design that accents your vehicle without being overtly flashy or over the top.

Available in 19" and 20" in silver and graphite.


The Rohana RC22 is a signature solid five spoke design that is bold through its simplicity. Through the five prominent spokes, the structure of concavity is enhanced because of its straight line design. The RC22 is Rohana's take on the classic 5-spoke design, taking the tried and true spoke shape and enhancing it with top-notch design and finishing. Another perfect wheel design that can fly under the radar while enhancing any car, the RC22 is about as classy as it gets!

Available in 19" 20" and 22" in machine silver, graphite, and black.


The RFX2 features a split 5-spoke arrangement. Through the five paired spoke design, the sleek and slender appearance, the concavity is dramatically enhanced. With more subtle details than other Rohana designs such as the RC22 and RC7, the RF2 is a more complex wheel that commands more attention and undoubtedly brings style and flair to any vehicle.

Available in 19" 20" and 22" in brushed titanium, gloss red, and matte black.

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