South Bend Clutch is a SFI approved manufacturing, rebuilding, and machining company with four generations of industrial knowledge and experience. South Bend prides themselves on delivering the best products possible, for a competitive price with friendly and caring service.

Whether you're looking for a performance flywheel, drop-in disc, or full performance clutch kit, South Bend has you covered on all of your aftermarket clutch needs!


South Bend Stage 1 Clutch kits take everything you like about your OEM clutch, and take it to a more heavy duty, power-capable level.

Stage 1 Clutch kits feature a pressure plate with an increased clamp load for extended life, a dual dampened disc for smooth engagement and increased transmission life, and premium friction material to ensure rapid heat dissipation increasing the life of the clutch.

Stage 1 Clutch Kits from South Bend are perfect for daily spirited driving!


Stage 2 Clutch Kits from South Bend are specifically engineered for horsepower modifications. Stage 2 clutches feature an increased clamp load with little or no increase in pedal pressure, and a high metal content that increases the co-efficient of friction by two times over OEM and increases rotational strength up to a 12,000 RPM burst point. Stage 2 Clutch Kits retain an OEM feel with increased strength and performance.

Stage 2 Clutch Kits are also available in Endurance and Drag Racing trims, which feature specifications like an altered plate fulcrum for a positive disengagement and a quick shift, and a puck design disc that reduces rotational mass and total drive surface area while increasing pounds per square inch on the surface of the friction material.

Stage 2 Clutch Kits are perfect for your high horsepower daily driver or your weekend track build!


The South Bend Stage 3 Clutch Kit is engineered for race-ready high performance vehicles. Stage 3 features a Race Engineered pressure plate (SS) and is SFI approved with significant load increase over stage 1 and 2 pressure plates (+600-800 lbs.) Featuring Performance Organic friction material with a high metal content, Stage 3 Kits increase torque and RPM capability and maintain low operating temperatures which drastically reduces wear. The Stage 3 "Daily" trim level is perfect for daily driving and occasional track use.

Endurance and Drag Stage 3 Kits include numerous track-oriented enhancements including Kevlar friction material, used for its unique static to dynamic ratios of friction co-efficients at high energy levels. This translates to a perfect transition from one gear to the next.

Stage 3 Clutch Kits are ideal for your high performance street build or dedicated track car!


This is a "build to order" clutch kit intended for cars with HP modifications exceeding the stage 3 parameters. Featuring a Race Engineered pressure plate for maximum plate load, and puck design with sprung and un-sprung options. Friction material options include Sintered Iron and Graphite Impregnated Ceramic. Single mass steel SFI approved flywheels are required for safety.

With abrupt engagement and stiff pedal feel, Stage 4 Extreme Clutch Kits are designed specifically for track oriented race use.


South Bend machines a range of cast single mass flywheels for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles! Each flywheel undergoes a scrutinizing quality control process to ensure the flywheel spins perfectly true and is ready for any build! South Bend flywheels are SFI approved and perfect for daily and track use.

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