Founded in the early 80's in southern California, ST has a reputation for creating innovative coilovers and suspension products from quality materials using modern manufacturing and engineering techniques. ST Suspensions offers streamlined performance products at excellent value to automotive enthusiasts. ST works in conjunction with their parent company KW Automotive, giving their suspension products the extra edge in design, engineering, and performance.


ST offers a wide range of coilover options for Volkswagen, Audi's, BMW's and more! Consisting of the ST-X, ST-XA, and top of the line ST-XTA models, ST coilovers come with all the adjustability options necessary for performance applications as well as comfortable daily driving. Adjustable height, rebound damping, and top mounts allow you to tune these coilovers to your specific needs!


ST Sway Bars are made of cold-formed heavy-duty aircraft steel, and greatly reduce the difference between outer and inner wheel loads while taking a curve. These sway bars act as a tensioner that reduces body roll and creates a more direct handling feel during heavy cornering and with quick directional load changes.


If your'e looking to lower your ride without installing a complete coilover setup, ST has you covered! ST performance springs are designed to work with your current standard suspension, while significantly lowering your cars ride height. ST springs are also one of the few springs on the market that have been developed for numerous vehicles that come equipped with electronic dampers. ST springs feature vehicle specific spring rates, chrome silicone steel, and a variety of sizes from 10mm to 40mm.

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