StopTech was the first company to offer balanced brake upgrades for production cars, and remains a leader in the industry with over 650 offerings to drastically increase overall brake performance.

StopTech has earned an ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management System certification for the design and manufacture of automotive brake systems, allowing them to supply OEM performance brake products as well as an extensive range of brake systems for race applications.

StopTech Balanced Brake Upgrades provide the supercar look while delivering superior control and stopping power that is vastly greater than stock brake systems. They are the ultimate brake system upgrade to support extended track sessions or aggressive street driving in powerful cars.


StopTech's famous big brake kits outperform OEM brake packages in a few key ways. First, larger drilled rotors allow for quicker and more efficient brake cooling, allowing for consecutive hard braking without any reduced efficiency. Second, stiffer calipers and stainless steel lines reduce system compliance, providing consistent pedal feel and confidence-inspiring responsiveness.

To increase performance, StopTech created the balanced brake system to increase cooling and performance without upsetting the vehicles stock front to rear brake balance. This design accounts for vehicle weight transfer under extreme braking conditions.

Every StopTech Balanced Big Brake Kit is engineered to produce optimal balance using caliper bores and pistons specifically selected and tested for each vehicle application. This is what sets StopTech apart from the competition


StopTech offer a wide selection of replacement, high performance, work duty and racing brake pads to fit both OEM calipers and StopTech Big Brake Kits. Choosing the correct friction formula for your particular application is essential for optimizing brake system performance and reliability.

StopTech's engineering team carefully selects and tests each friction compound to ensure proper stopping performance throughout the lifetime of the brake pad. With three in-house brake dynos and real-time vehicle testing, StopTech is the aftermarket leader in brake pads and shoes.


StopTech offers direct replacement discs for your factory brake system and stock calipers. StopTech rotor upgrades offer improved cooling as well as other advantages the competition doesn't offer.

Innovations include e-coating, double-disc grinding, full machining, mill balancing and center-split castings, as well as the availability of directional vanes, cryogenic treatment and the use of Power Alloy.

Today, StopTech Cross-Drilled & Slotted rotors cover more than 2500 applications, all machined in StopTech's California manufacturing center. Every StopTech Cross-Drilled & Slotted rotor is a direct replacement for a factory brake rotor, allowing the retention of factory calipers in the system.

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