Studio RSR is a leader in development in industry leading roll cage technology for all vehicles. Bolt-In Cages are specifically developed to withstand the stresses of vehicle endurance and performance driving. 100% bolt in and customizable roll cages are Studio RSR's speciality. Click and Shop Now!



Designed and manufactured in-house, StudioRSR uses the latest manufacturing technologies to create this upgrade with **NASA Racing specifications** and wide-radius bends. There is zero metal crimping and zero tubing wall failure that is often seen from alternative roll cages. The Binarium half-cage is 100% bolt-in featuring a 4-point optimum mounting design with form-fitted brackets specific to a vehicle's chassis. Professional installation is recommended, but installation is made easy with chromoly interlocking tubing clamps, zero welding, and all necessary hardware included. Additionally, street-spec classed vehicles can retain their rear seats if preferred. The Binarium half-cage consists of 2 main pieces making installation and shipping even easier.

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