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Unitronic is a leader in Performance Software and Hardware for VW, Audi and Porsche. UroTuning is proud to be a top dealer for Unitronic offering their highly sought after tunes and premium quality performance parts. We literally Deliver the Power and offer Flash at home software with Unitronics Uniconnect Cables.


Unitronic Performance Software offers the highest horsepower gain per dollar spent by far! There is no other mod that will net you the performance increase that a Unitronic Tune will. UniConnect+ gives you the ability to reflash your ECU (Engine Control Unit) or TCU (Transmission Control Unit) right from home. Gone are the days of having to drive to a shop to do this! Plus for a limited time get FREE Express Shipping on UniConnect Cable Tunes!


With extensive background in engineering the finest in Performance Software, Unitronic develops intake systems that maximize real world performance.This translates into a complete Cold Air Intake System that is sure to perform to the maximum, providing increased power, air velocity, and throttle response, while also decreasing air intake temperatures and turbo lag.


All of Unitronic’s Performance Exhaust Systems feature a unique v-band fastener system, using T316 Stainless Steel flanges to ensure a leak proof connection every time. Unitronic’s mufflers feature a high density, high temperature glass fiber packing and are stamped with the Unitronic logo. These attributes combined ensure maximum performance, while maintaining a comfortable and unobtrusive tone inside the cabin. Exiting at the rear, exhaust gasses pass through engraved tips with the Unitronic logo.


Unitronic's Intercooler Upgrade Kits are a direct OEM replacement with the ability to support 600HP and more! Featuring a massive bar and plate intercooler core made from T5052 aluminum, T6061 cast aluminum end tanks, proprietary internal fin and louver configuration, and a TIG welded construction. Unitronic's Intercooler Upgrade Kit will resist heat-soak and provide optimal and efficient cooling in any driving conditions.