VMR creates performance luxury alloy wheels that feature motorsport-inspired design and innovative styling. Everyone has their own vastly different tastes, and VMR strives to design wheels that cater to all wheel design preferences.

VMR wheels are manufactured in ISO-9001:2000 certified facilities, with manufacturing and final finishing being performed in Southern California. With designs ranging from bold and sporty to refined luxury, VMR is sure to have the perfect wheels for your car.


VMR V702

The V702 features a multispoke design, an aggressive undercut lip, boldly contoured spokes, and a deep-set center. The V702 is custom machined in-house to provide you with the optimal fitment for your vehicle.

The V702 is available in matte hyper-silver, and matte gun-metal, both with brushed face options.

Available in 18" 19" and 20"

VMR V703

The V703 wheel design features a motorsport derived mesh pattern with carefully crafted angles that retain OEM styling while adding an aggressive sport-inspired design. The V703 is available in gunmetal, black, and silver color options.

Available in 18" and 19"

VMR V705

The V705 wheel takes the classic tried and true race-inspired five spoke design and expands upon it with a recessed lip, and subtle accents on the edge of the spokes. This makes for a wheel that incorporates innovative subtleties into a classic wheel shape. Available in gunmetal, black, and silver, the V705 is perfect for any car.


Available in 18" and 19"

VMR V706

Featuring seven sleek, detailed straight spokes with a unique undercut, the V706 is perfect for your stance or track-day build. The V705 is available in variable bolt patterns, centerbores, widths & diameters, making it the perfect bolt-on fit for your vehicle.

Available in silver and gunmetal grey in 18" and 19"

VMR V708

VMR designed the V708 specifically to incorporate OEM+ design elements with subtle yet aggressive aftermarket styling. The V708 features a bold concave and is available in silver, matte black, and gunmetal finishes.

Available in 18" 19" and 20"

VMR V710

The VMR Wheels V710 is a 7 split-spoke mesh wheel with a deep concave face designed to augment the styling of everything from sport compacts to full size luxury sedans. The V710 demonstrates excessive load ratings and carries JWL, VIA, & TUV certifications.The V710 is available in silver, black gunmetal, and limited edition titanium pearl and titanium anthracite.

Available in 18" 19" 20"

VMR V721

The V721 features a concave multi-spoke design with a unique recessed lip to accent the aggressive styling of the wheel. This design also results in a slight weight reduction & higher balancing accuracy. Perfect for a performance-oriented build or your daily driven stance car.

Available in 19" in gunmetal or silver

VMR V801

The V801 features a flow-formed full face mesh concept design that incorporates luxury styling while retaining performance oriented weight. The ultimate combination of form and function, the V801 demonstrates a level of design, construction, and finish that surpasses the status quo. Available in silver as well as limited edition finishes like mercury black metallic, titanium black shadow, anthracite metallic, and titanium black pearl.

Available in 18" and 19"

VMR V804

The V804 holds its focus on attention to detail. From its meticulously crafted spoke detail to its aggressive, yet elegant profile, the V804 is the perfect fit for modern performance luxury vehicles. By combining this refined styling with VMR's industry leading flow formed construction, the lightweight V804 promises to deliver where it matters most, both in the streets and on the track.

Available in hyper silver in 18" and 19"

VMR V810

The flow formed V810 by VMR Wheels offers aggressive aesthetics, optimal fitment, and forged wheel performance. This lightweight style is a great option for both street driven and track dedicated vehicles.

Available in hyper silver in 18" and 19"

Discover the Excellence of VMR Wheels at UroTuning

If you're ready to give your Euro ride the best aesthetics and handling in the industry, look to UroTuning and VMR wheels. VMR has established itself as a leader in the automotive industry, renowned for crafting flow-formed alloy wheels that are visually stunning and engineered for superior performance. Whether you're driving a BMW, Mini, Audi or Volkswagen, VMR's range of wheels enhances your vehicle's aesthetics while delivering best-in-class durability and strength.

VMR wheels for sale at UroTuning include a variety of styles and finishes. No matter your vehicle or personal taste, there's a set of VMR wheels that perfectly match your needs. Shop our entire collection of VMR wheels today.



Unrivaled Quality and Style: The VMR Wheels Advantage

When it comes to enhancing your European car, VMR wheels stand in a league of their own. Why should you choose VMR? Check out the benefits below:

Innovative Manufacturing for Unmatched Strength: VMR wheels are renowned for their advanced flow-forming technology. This cutting-edge process involves precision casting followed by a unique barrel forging technique. The result is a significantly lighter yet stronger wheel, providing enhanced handling and performance for your vehicle.

Wide Range of Fitments and Styles: One size does not fit all when it comes to high-performance vehicles. That's why VMR offers a wide selection of fitments to ensure a perfect match for various car models. The diversity in styles, from classic elegance to modern flair, means you can find the perfect VMR wheels for sale that resonate with your personal style and vehicle aesthetics.

Durability Meets Performance: Each VMR wheel is rigorously tested to meet or exceed JWL/VIA standards. They're built to withstand the rigors of daily driving and high-performance conditions, offering peace of mind and enhanced driving dynamics.

Trusted By Enthusiasts Worldwide: VMR's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned the trust of car enthusiasts around the globe. When you choose VMR wheels, you invest in a product respected and celebrated in the automotive community for its excellence and reliability.


See VMR Wheels In Action On the BMW M4

Want to see the power and style of VMR's V703 wheels for yourself? Check out their sleek design and performance power in this short video.

Frequently Asked Questions: VMR WHEELS

If you have any questions or need more information about VMR Wheels and accessories, check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

How Do I Maintain and Care for VMR Wheels?

Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is recommended to keep VMR wheels pristine. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials. It's also important to regularly check for any signs of wear or damage, especially after driving in harsh conditions.

Do VMR Wheels Improve Vehicle Performance?

Yes! VMR wheels enhance vehicle performance by reducing unsprung mass due to their lightweight construction. This reduction improves handling, acceleration and braking efficiency, offering a more responsive and enjoyable driving experience.

Where Can I Buy VMR Wheels?

VMR wheels are available for purchase right here at UroTuning. With ten styles to choose from in the VMR lineup, UroTuning carries a style, fit and finish perfect for your needs.

Shop VMR Wheels for Sale at UroTuning Today

Embrace the perfect harmony of style, strength and speed with VMR wheels from UroTuning. Whether cruising city streets or navigating winding roads, VMR wheels are engineered to enhance your vehicle's performance and appearance. Don't just dream about the perfect ride – make it a reality. Browse our extensive collection of VMR wheels for sale at UroTuning today and take the first step in redefining your vehicle's potential.




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