With over a century of industry experience under their belt, Vogtland is a name you can trust in the international suspension industry. Vogtland prides themselves on designing and manufacturing suspension solutions like springs and coilovers that are able to meet and exceed expectations of even the most demanding performance vehicles. With an emphasis on quality and consistency, Vogtland never cuts corners - with 100% of all manufacturing done in house in Germany!


Vogtland’s damping and height adjustable coil over kits redefine high performance suspension. Through the utilization of fully threaded bodies and a twin tube damper to control the custom increased spring rates, the sprung and unsprung mass of the vehicle is properly controlled to provide greater drivability and confidence when behind the wheel.

With the ability to fine tune the rebound capability coilovers with Vogtland springs allow the driver to fine tune the suspension for the track or street while maintaining drivability and comfort.


Vogtland Performance Lowering Springs are manufactured in Germany designed to improve the ride quality and performance of your car! Vogtland's compound spring rate allows for a comfortable sporty ride under normal driving conditions as well as maximum performance when being pushed to the limit.

Derived from racing, Vogtland springs offer linear and progressive spring rates calibrated specifically for your specific model. With these custom designs you can rest assured that you will have balance between performance and comfort. You will visually and physically experience your car in a whole new way!


VOGTLAND’s Electronic Module utilizes the vehicles air suspension or ABC active suspension to allow for additional chassis tuning.

Vogtland ELS modules provide electronic chassis tuning for vehicles that are factory-equipped with air suspension or with ABC active suspension systems. With the Vogtland electronic lowering module you can lower your car by up to 40mm. This provides a sporty performance-oriented driving feel as well as optimized driving safety.

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