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Audi Air Intakes

VW Air Intakes

Enhancing your VW with a superior intake system can boost both its performance and sound. We carry a huge selection of intake kits for your VW. Featured brands include AWE, IE, Unitronic, 034, APR, and CTS.

Click below to find the perfect VW Air Intake for your vehicle!

VW Exhausts

Whether you're aiming for a boost in performance or a better sound, selecting the right exhaust can significantly enhance your VW. Explore our extensive options of exhaust kits, tailored to fit your VW.

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VW Software Tune

For those really looking to get the best from their VW, software can make a huge difference. ECU Tuning enthusiasts look for the latest and greatest software to tune their cars.

We carry a great selection of software from the top brands that allow you to flash your car at home!

VW Suspension

VW's have German class suspension and steering, but that doesn't mean you won't need to repair or upgrade it. We carry the best OEM and Performance parts to keep your VW riding smooth.

Check out VW suspension parts including shocks, springs, coilovers and more!

VW Wheels

Just as a nice pair of shoes can make or break an outfit, the right wheels can transform your VW into a head turning work of art.

We carry the best brands for performance and style to upgrade your VW with some new wheels. Shop by brand or model to find the best wheels.

VW Brakes

Pump up your VW performance by upgrading with performance brake pads, rotors or a big brake kit. UroTuning is your one stop shop for all brake parts you need for your Volkswagen.

Check out top brands like EBC, Stoptech, Hawk and more!


There's something uniquely satisfying about enhancing a Volkswagen's performance, about making a great car even better. UroTuning shares your passion for Volkswagen vehicles, and we're here to help you take yours to the next level. Explore our comprehensive range of VW aftermarket parts, from air intakes and exhaust systems to ECU tuning, suspension enhancements and wheels. Each component is designed to deliver significant performance improvements, empowering you to customize your Volkswagen to match your vision.

Ready to elevate your Volkswagen's performance? Don't hold back — reach out to us today for the perfect VW performance parts for your vehicle.



VW Mk8 Golf R

UroTuning Carries Industry-Leading Performance VW Parts

Get ready to experience the rush of high-performance driving like never before. VW enthusiasts like you deserve nothing less than the best, and we're here to deliver. Whether you're looking to add some extra power to your daily driver or build an all-out track car, we've got the performance VW parts to make it happen. Our inventory boasts an impressive selection of aftermarket VW parts from industry-leading brands, including Integrated Engineering, Rotiform and Velt Sport. When browsing our stock, you'll find everything from performance intakes and exhausts to suspension components, drivetrain parts and beyond.


With VW high-performance parts from UroTuning, your ride will look, sound and drive better than ever before. VW performance parts are designed to elevate your ride's style and performance to make it your own. From little enthusiast touches to full-blown performance upgrades, we have all the VW performance parts you need to start your journey toward high-performance greatness.



Your Volkswagen is more than a car — it's a testament to your passion for performance and style. UroTuning shares this passion, providing a plethora of VW performance parts to help you customize your vehicle to reflect your unique personality. From air intakes to wheels, our aftermarket Volkswagen parts are designed to offer you superior performance and exceptional quality, allowing you to make your VW truly yours.


We put our customers first. Our team of Volkswagen enthusiasts wants you to love shopping at UroTuning. We offer the best prices on German car parts, and with free shipping on orders over $49, we make it even more cost-effective to get the VW performance parts you crave.

5 Mods to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

We get it – figuring out which VW performance parts will take your ride to the next level can be overwhelming. But don't worry. We've got your back. The pros at UroTuning have put together a short video to help guide you through the process. Our team has handpicked the top mods that we think will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Of course, it's just our opinion, but we're pretty confident in our choices.

Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT VW PERFORMANCE Parts

If you've got questions about modifying your Volkswagen with performance parts, we've got answers. If your question isn't addressed below, our VW enthusiasts are on hand to assist you.

Who supplies Volkswagen parts?

Volkswagen parts are supplied by a variety of manufacturers, including Volkswagen themselves (OEM parts) and numerous aftermarket part manufacturers. At UroTuning, we offer a comprehensive selection of both OEM and aftermarket Volkswagen parts from trusted manufacturers, ensuring you get everything you need for your vehicle.

Does VW sell parts?

Yes, Volkswagen sells parts, commonly called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. These are designed specifically by Volkswagen for their vehicles. However, many Volkswagen owners also opt for aftermarket parts, which can offer comparable quality, often with a broader range of customization options and sometimes at a lower price point.

Are VW parts hard to get?

While certain VW parts can be hard to find depending on the model and age of your vehicle, at UroTuning, we strive to make the process easy. We offer a wide range of VW performance parts for various models and years.



Don't wait another moment to unlock your Volkswagen's full potential. Browse through our vast selection of VW performance parts and transform your car to reflect your driving style. Remember, our team of Volkswagen enthusiasts is with you on your journey. With free shipping deals and perks galore, UroTuning makes it effortless and affordable to elevate your VW's performance. Start transforming your Volkswagen with UroTuning's high-quality aftermarket parts today!




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