Vorsteiner is a company that began through the idea of the imagination of creating the highest quality parts for a wide range of performance vehicles and clients.

Vorsteiner prides themselves on a relentless pursuit of advancement and perfection various parts and accessories including front lips, splitters, spoilers, and wheels!

Vorsteiner's sole focus is on creating and delivering the most advanced and innovative car parts that are unrivaled in performance and aesthetics!


Vorsteiner offers a wide range of lightweight and luxurious wheel options. Vorsteiner's lightweight technology produces wheels that are lighter in weight compared to a conventional cast construction, yet substantially stronger.

The majority of surplus weight can be shaved by the use of less but stronger aluminum. In addition, Vorsteiner meticulously reduces the weight of the wheel by utilizing back-pad pocketing as well as front and rear spoke pocketing.


Constructed of the finest Autoclaved Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber, Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber provides superior stiffness, aerospace strength & durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber composites.

Give your vehicle an aggressive look and improved aerodynamics with a trunk spoiler or wing from Vorsteiner!


As with all aerodynamic components from Vorsteiner, front splitters and lips are made from only the highest grade pre-impregnated carbon fiber - offering the optimal performance due to increased stiffness and aerospace grade strength.

Vorsteiner front lips and splitters are road tested and insured to fit perfectly every time!

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