Vossen is one of the few companies in the world manufacturing forged wheel designs entirely in house. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Vossen's state of the art facility features high grade equipment and dedicated machining, prep, and finishing departments, providing multiple levels of quality control and attention to detail.

Vossen utilizes extensive measuring processes and Vehicle Tailored Engineering to optimize specific wheel fitment and spacing across makes and models, maximizing concavity and perfecting overall fit for your vehicle!


The CVT design from vossen features a super sharp Deep Lip Barrel, and a "Twisted" Ten spoke design with tapered and beveled edges that give this wheel an aggressive yet elegant edge. The directional pattern on these wheels is designed so that the wheels on the drivers side and passenger side of the vehicle twist towards the same direction, regardless of if you choose to run a square or staggered fitment.

The Vossen CVT comes in three concavity options; flat - with no concave at all, mid - a standard medium concave, and deep - which adds a deep dish concave to the wheel.

Available in 19" 20" and 22" in graphite and silver.


The VFS1 from Vossen expands upon the 10 spoke design of the CVT wheel, but with a few changes that make it a gorgeous stand-alone design. Rather than a directional 10 spoke design, the spokes on the VFS1 are part of a very subtle split 5 spoke pattern. This creates a V-pattern within the dish of the wheel that is sporty and aggressive while also offering an OEM+ look.

As the lightest wheel in the entire Vossen line-up, the VFS1 is built for performance, and designed with sophistication. The VFS1 is made with flow forming technology which allows Vossen to offer a variety of new widths. These new width options will provide more fitment flexibility and versatility, along with a stronger and lighter wheel.

Available in 19" 20" 21" and 22" in graphite and silver.


The newest addition to the Vossen CV Series, the CV10 is a new take on the classic, concave styling that originally defined the Vossen brand. A complex, bi-level spoke pattern is accentuated with the two-tone Silver Polished standard finish, while Satin Black or Bronze make for menacing alternatives!

As with other Vossen wheel designs, the CV10 is available in three concave profiles.

Available in 19" 20" and 22" in silver, black, and bronze.


The Vossen CV3R takes it back to the basics. With a classic sleek 5-spoke design that works on just about any vehicle, the CV3R is perfect for an OEM+ look with performance inspired flare.

Back and ready to rejuvenate the trend it first set in five-spoke concave designs, the CV3R refines the deep-lip barrel that first set Vossen apart from the masses, and brands the lip with the logo you’ve grown to trust.

Available in 19" 20" and 22" in silver and graphite.


The VFS2 from Vossen features a tapered 15 spoke design that works on a huge range of vehicles models and styles. The VFS2 is built for performance, and designed with styling and aesthetic in mind.

The VFS2 is made with flow forming technology which allows for a wider variety of wheel widths and offsets. Perfect for a luxury inspired look, or for your daily driven stance car, the VFS2 is a wheel with versatility.

Available in 19" 20" 21" and 22" in silver, graphite, and bronze.

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