Whiteline Performance boasts a worldwide reputation as a leading manufacturer of performance suspension components that increase vehicle balance, steering feel, grip levels, and overall driving performance.

If you're looking to increase the handling and performance of your Volkswagen, Audi, or BMW, Whiteline has you covered with adjustable sway bars, lowering springs, handling kits, chassis bracing, alignment products, chassis control bushing kits, and more!


Engineered to 'Activate More Grip', sway bars are principally designed to reduce body roll or sway. By reducing body roll, lateral loads are spread more evenly across the tires thereby increasing cornering grip and improving outright performance.

Whiteline adjustable sway bars lead to more grip, better handling, and overall better cornering feel. It's the best dollar for dollar handling improvement you can make to your vehicle. In fact, benefits extend to improvements in handling, safety and tyre wear without affecting ride quality or comfort.


Whiteline Lowering Spring Kits deliver improved vehicle performance while maintaining safety and ride quality characteristics. By lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity the unique and progressive rate coil design not only improves performance but enhances overall appearance.

Developed and manufactured in Europe from the highest quality materials, coating and to the finest tolerances, Whiteline Lowering Spring Kits always guarantee exact fitment. These kits are engineered for optimal balance with OEM and aftermarket shocks. For the ultimate in grip activation pair these lowering springs with Whiteline Sway Bar Kits and Essentials Kits.


Not many enthusiasts are aware that OE and more importantly aftermarket sway bar effectiveness can be hindered by worn or inadequate mounts, drop links and lateral stoppers.

Whiteline adjustable sway bar links are engineered to be up to the task with top spec, light weight components combined with a window of adjustability, eliminating sway bar preload on installation but most importantly ensuring the maximum output of the sway bar for improved grip and better handling.


Whiteline control arms feature high-quality alloy, which offers considerable weight saving over original equipment quality arms. The reduction in weight of the arm, which is partly unsprung weight, brings the similar benefits to a light alloy wheel. In addition Whiteline has engineered significant geometry gains with -0.3deg camber and +2.0deg caster improvements into these arms to optimize wheel alignments settings for street and track performance.

These contro arms increase dynamic negative camber on the outside wheel whilst turning, offering more grip without introducing the tire wear associated with static negative camber. Furthermore the increase in caster improves traction and increases the self-centering effect of the steering.


Worn control arm bushings have a huge influence on vehicle stability, steering precision and braking efficiency. Replace worn bushings to as new condition utilizing Whiteline's advanced synthetic elastomer bushings with core characteristics ensuring superior elasticity, memory and outright durability for all forms of driving applications.

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