XFORCE is an Australian exhaust company that is quickly making a name for themselves due to their passion for performance and commitment to quality. XFORCE believes in providing the pinnacle of quality in the performance exhaust aftermarket, while maintaining a competitive price-point for enthusiasts.

From performance cat-backs and down pipes, to volume customizable mufflers, XFORCE has you covered across the board on all of your aftermarket exhaust needs!


With three different modes; "street", "race", and "in-between", Varex exhausts from XFORCE use a patented butterfly valve mechanism to redirect exhaust flow, allowing the driver to choose the exact sound level and performance level of the muffler.

For a higher sound level, the exhaust is directed through an open path, delivering more power and a sporty sound. For a lower sound level, exhaust is channeled through an OEM style muffler, giving you quiet in-car comfort.

The angle of the valve is also completely adjustable to allow for further freedom to set your personal optimal sound level from your vehicle's exhaust.


XFORCE offers a wide range of bolt-on cat-back exhaust systems for tons of makes and models! These cat-backs are designed to bolt directly to your vehicle without modification, while providing a boost in performance.

XFORCE exhaust are built to last AND perform, with a unique header design that increases power through the rev range all while providing a great engine note. Make your exhaust roar with XFORCE.


XFORCE downpipes free up your exhaust even further, allowing your turbo-charged engine to breath by getting rid of common OEM catalytic converters that hinder performance.

Available for a wide range of models, XFORCE downpipes are perfect for street and track use. Take your exhaust system to the next level with a high flow downpipe from XFORCE!

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