The standard lighting warranty policy is for 1 year from the delivery date unless otherwise stated.

UroTuning will only warranty manufacturer related defects NOT related to installer error, modification, improper use or vehicle failure.

Fogging/moisture is not a defect, visit here for details on resolving this common lighting problem -

All warranty claims will be resolved at the discretion of UroTuning. UroTuning reserves the right to make an attempt to repair the issue prior to offering a replacement. UroTuning should be notified of all claims in order to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Items damaged during shipping to the customer from UroTuning must be reported within 3 Business Days of delivery. Be sure to thoroughly inspect all items as soon as they are delivered. Any damage reported after 3 business days will NOT be eligible for warranty or shipping damage claims.

Lighting Warranty is based on singular sides. UroTuning will not replace/credit for headlights in pairs unless both sides are determined to be defective. For example, if only the left hand side headlamp is defective, only claim for the one side. If both sides are sent back and nothing is found to be defective of the other side, we will return it to you in the condition it was received. We will not replace a perfectly working side.

Returns damaged in transit / different condition than claimed in RMA. If returns are received in poor shipping condition or suffering from more damage than in the original RMA claim, we will notify you and you can claim with the shipping carrier. We are not responsible for poor packing by the shipper or any damage caused by the shipping courier.

To initiate a claim, follow the following steps. When returning the product, please only return the defective side/unit. UroTuning will not replace or credit functioning units returned or claimed.

1) Email with the following information:

a. UroTuning Order Number and purchase date
b. Describe the issue
c. Product part number
d. Pictures of defect
e. Picture of product batch number stamp


2) Once the complete information above is obtained, an RMA number will be emailed to you within 72 business hours. The customer is responsible for shipping the product back to UroTuning OR our supplier within 14‐ days of RMA issued date.

3) Once the defective piece is received, UroTuning OR our supplier will inspect and notify you of the required turnaround time. UroTuning OR our supplier will perform one of the following steps at their discretion:

a. Attempt to repair the issue.
b. Provide a previously repaired replacement.
c. Provide a new replacement for the defective piece.


4) Return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


The above policy is our warranty for all Headlights and Taillights sold on

Upon purchase customers agree to all terms and conditions set forth above.

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