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034Motorsport's X34 Carbon Fiber Intake System delivers improved power, sound, and acceleration to Audi B9/B9.5 S4/S5 owners in a clean OEM+ package. Through extensive evaluation of the factory airbox design, 034Motorsport's engineers were able to create a performance replacement that allows for increased airflow to the turbocharger and engine. This performance can be optimized even further by eliminating a critical flow restriction in the intake tract with the SüperDüper Turbo Inlet to create the X34 SüperDüper Insuction Bundle. The X34 Carbon Fiber Intake System offers measurable performance improvements, simple bolt-on installation, and unsurpassed fit and finish.


034Motorsport has developed this comprehensive performance intake solution for the turbocharged 3.0 TFSI engine found in the latest generation B9/B9.5 Audi S4/S5. Subsequently, the X34 Carbon Fiber Intake System offers discerning enthusiasts measurable increases in horsepower and torque, sporty induction and turbocharger sounds, and a functional airbox and inlet hose design

Throughout the development process, multiple designs were modeled, prototyped, and tested - all to ensure that the X34 Carbon Fiber Intake System delivers measurable performance benefits and superb fitment. The result is a partially-enclosed airbox which uses a functional carbon fiber air inlet duct, housing a massive 5" inlet conical air filter, and a matching CFD-optimized carbon fiber filter tube.


  • Developed In-House by 034Motorsport's Engineering Team
  • Fits Both Left and Right Hand Drive Configurations
  • High-Quality Carbon Fiber Airbox and Filter Tube Construction
  • High-Gloss Epoxy Finish
  • OEM+ Fit and Finish
  • Dyno-Proven Horsepower Torque Gains
  • Improved Airflow from Factory Airbox and Intake Tube
  • Enhanced Engine Induction Sounds
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Massive 5" Inlet Conical Pleated Cotton Air Filter
  • Large-Diameter CFD-Optimized Carbon Fiber Filter Tube
  • Reduced Intake Air Temperature
  • Securely Installs Using Factory Mounting Grommets
  • Simple, Straightforward Installation Instructions
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Massive 5" Inlet, 1003 CFM, Conical Pleated Cotton Air Filter
  • Filter is unshrouded, Unlike Other Intakes, to Provide Maximum Air Flow
  • Large-Diameter CFD-Optimized Carbon Fiber Filter Tube
  • Reduced Intake Air Temperature
  • Securely Installs Using Factory Mounts
  • Simple, Straightforward Installation Instructions
  • No Modifications Required
  • Completely Reversible Installation


034Motorsport focuses on optimizing every aspect of the intake system across a broad range of variables and compromises. A critical component of a high-flowing performance intake is the ability for air to flow around and into the filter. If the air cannot flow freely around the filter, it will be restricted from getting into it.

Many aftermarket kits fit too large of a filter in an enclosure that cannot accommodate its size, thus choking the filter and reducing its overall flow. This often happens when a product is engineered for one variable at the expense of others. 034Motorsport conducted extensive tests and refined its development of the intake design to allow for maximum airflow surrounding the air filter, allowing for optimal airflow to, and through, the filter.

The final result is the right size filter in the right size filter housing, creating maximum airflow and performance with OEM level filtering; the ultimate goal of any intake system. Be cautious of any intake that brags only of air filter size, without taking into account the detrimental effects of shrouding the filter.



034Motorsport engineers first created a CFD-optimized 4-Ply silicone intake tube, which is a direct, high-performance replacement for the plastic factory accordion/sound deadening hose. Using CAD software and 3D scanning technology, 034Motorsport was able to optimize the cross-sectional area of the intake tube while being mindful of space constraints. The resulting part is a functional work of art - maximizing performance given the factory space constraints and featuring smooth transitions that ensure optimal airflow to the throttle body.

Maximizing Airflow


The P34 Intakes house a high-flow conical air filter with a double-layer pleated cotton filtration medium, capable of trapping particles as small as 5 Microns. This air filter design offers increased flow through an enlarged filtration surface while ensuring superior filtration. We have tested this air filter in applications over 800HP with minimal restriction, and superior OEM quality air filtration.

While many intake kits leave the air filter unsupported and ”flopping” around, 034Motorsport engineers designed a clever air filter support that not only prevents unwanted movement but also allows compliance to accommodate engine movement under varying load conditions. An added benefit is an air shroud that doesn’t move and rub on other engine compartment components like many other designs on the market do.

Performance Air Filter



The 034Motorsport SüperDüper Turbo Inlet Pipe paired with the X34 Carbon Fiber Intake System is an essential upgrade to optimize power by eliminating a critical flow restriction in the intake tract when running the Factory Turbocharger or Stage 3 Hybrid Turbochargers with accompanying tuning for the most performance possible! Included with the SüperDüper Insuction Bundle is an even larger CFD-optimized carbon fiber tube to properly mate the X34 Carbon Fiber Intake System and SüperDüper Turbo Inlet Pipe. The 034Motorsport SüperDüper Turbo Inlet Pipe is designed to maximize performance for Stage 3 Hybrid Turbo Tuning Software. The CNC machined edge retains the silicone hose securely to the turbo inlet pipe. The final touch is an embossed 034 logo to show unsuspecting car show attendees that you value substantive modifications on your 3.0T powered Audi.


  • Cast from A356 Aluminum
  • Compressor Inlet Flange Adapter Machined for Smooth Airflow Into Compressor Housing
  • CNC Machined 6061-T6 Aluminum Turbo Inlet Adapter to Match Turbo Inlet for Maximum Airflow
  • Optional Adapter Rings Available
  • Increased Flow Over Factory Turbo Inlet
  • CNC Machined
    • Edge Retains Intake Coupler Securely
    • Retain OE PCV Hose
    • To Retain Factory Wiring Harness Retention Clips
  • Proven Power/Torque, and Airflow Gains
  • Slotted Lower Turbo Inlet Bolt for Easy Installation
  • Direct Bolt-on Installation.


  • This product is sold for racing use as well as use on vehicles not registered for on highway use.
  • By purchasing this product, you understand that this product is sold for racing use as well as used on vehicles not registered for on highway use, and that it is not legal for use on highway or street vehicles.


CFM stands for "cubic feet per minute" of airflow, the higher the number, the higher the horsepower an intake can support, at 034Motorsport we design our intakes to have substantial flow increases over the factory intake, we test all our intakes at 28" of water (how much vacuum is used to suck air through the intake) on a Superflow airflow bench which gives us very accurate and repeatable test results.

  • Stock Intake: 394 CFM @ 28” H²O
  • X34 Intake with 034 Standard Inlet, OE Adapter Ring: 449 CFM @ 28” H²O
  • X34 Intake with 034 Standard Inlet, 63mm Adapter Ring: 507 CFM @ 28” H²O
  • X34 Intake with SuperDuper Turbo Inlet, 66mm Adapter Ring: 559 CFM @ 28” H²O

⚠️CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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