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Part# 034-401-Z069-8

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The 034Motorsport Camber Shim Kit for Audi Gen 1 & 1.5 R8 allows for the easy addition of negative camber to your vehicle. Designed to be a modular upgrade, each shim adds to the maximum camber range adjustable by spacing out the lower control arm in the front and rear suspension of your vehicle, improving both turn in and cornering grip on your R8!

So what does all this mean to you, the driver? By adding negative camber to your Audi R8, turn-in and mid-corner grip is substantially improved as lateral tire grip is maximized. With this extra grip, you will enjoy cornering speeds, from diving into Turn-2 at Laguna Seca Raceway to spirited backroad drives, due to the increased confidence in the amount of grip and lateral g-force your R8 will develop.

As cornering loads increase, so does tire distortion and body roll. The combination of these two factors increases the load on the outer half of the tire. Increasing static negative camber counteracts this interaction, and camber can be adjusted to optimize the tire’s contact patch at maximum cornering load, resulting in improved traction and tire wear.

From the factory, the Audi R8 utilizes a double-wishbone front and rear suspension. This means that there is an upper and lower control arm that connects your wheels to your vehicle. The camber for both the front and rear of the vehicle is controlled via the lower control arm and has a limited range of approximately 1.3°. Camber shims are added between the lower control arm and the frame of your vehicle, allowing for an increased overall range of camber. You are able to add up to two shims per lower control arm bolt point, allowing adjustability of up to -4.3° of negative camber in the front*, and -3.5° negative camber in the rear.

*Measurements taken on 034Motorsport Development R8 Vehicle with Lowering Springs installed, exact camber range may vary*


  • Changes the Overall Camber Range and Will Not Guarantee Camber Gains Unless Aligned in That Way.
    • Each Shim Will Add Approximately -0.7° in The Front and -0.5° in The Rear
  • Shims are Precision Laser Cut from aluminum plate
  • Can Be Installed with Car Loaded on Alignment Rack - Only Remove One Bolt at a Time
  • New Grade 12.9 M8x1.25x30 Bolts and Washers Are Included
  • Note: Staggering Shims in Front Suspension Does Not Add Caster
  • Note: Loctite Required on New Bolts (Torqued to 30NM)
Camber Shim Ranges*:
Shims Installed Min Max
0 (Stock) -1.5° -2.8°
1 -2.2° -3.5°
2 -3.0° -4.3°
0 (Stock) -1.1° -2.5°
1 -1.6° -3.1°
2 -2.3° -3.5°


*NOTE: Total range may vary based upon whether you are stock height or lowered. Measurements above were collected with 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Lowering Springs installed.


  • 034-401-Z069-8
    • 1 shim stack front or rear: 8 shims (16 bolts and washers)
  • 034-401-Z069-16
    • 1 shim stack front and rear: 16 shims (32 bolts and washers)
  • 034-401-Z069-32
    • 2 shim stack front and rear: 32 Shims (32 bolts and washers)


034Motorsport R8 track use alignment specs; these specifications are optimal for a track-driven car with a very "loose" handling attitude and lively rear end that drives towards oversteer. Caution should be used with these alignment specs as they can cause the car to over-rotate and spin, especially during throttle-lift conditions while turning:

  • Front: (Tires: 255/35/19 Michelin Sport Cup 2)
    • Camber: -2.2 degrees each side (034Motorsport Camber Shims)
    • Caster: 6.0 degrees each side (not adjustable)
    • Toe: 2.2mm (toe in)
  • Rear: (Tires: 315/30/19 Michelin Sport Cup 2)
    • Camber: -2.4 degrees each side (034Motorsport Camber Shims)
    • Toe: 2.0mm toe in (034Motorsport Adjustable Toe Arms)

Our test vehicle is also running 034Motorsport Front and Rear Sway Bars, Dynamic+ Lowering Springs, and all 034Motorsport Spherical Motorsport line of products.

⚠️CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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