Techtonics MK7 GTI 3.0" Stainless Steel Cat Back Exhaust


Part# 252 700A

Does This Fit Your Car?

Techtonics Tuning T-304 3" stainless Cat Back exhaust with 4" double wall tips.

Available in several configurations depending on the sound level you are looking for and the downpipe you are running.

Exhausts are Cat Back and available to fit the Stock Downpipe or 3" Downpipe (select option above)

Exhaust Options
  • Dual Muffler (larger front muffler) - A little louder than stock
  • Dual Muffler (smaller front muffler) - Great sound louder than stock
  • Single Mufler - For those who want to really hear their exhaust!
NOTE: Exhaust options will be louder when combined with an aftermarket downpipe.. especially running a catless downpipe.

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