42 Draft Wheel Adapters | 5x112 to 5x120.65 (NLA)

Part# 42-852

42 Draft Designs Wheel Adapters adapt wheels of a different bolt pattern to your 5x112 Audi/Mercedes Benz vehicle. CNC machined and loaded with features, our adapters require careful configuration to ensure successful fitment.

**IMPORTANT FITMENT DETAIL: These adapters are for use with Audi and Mercedes Benz with 66.56mm hub bore ONLY

NOTES: Sold as a pair, order qty 2 for a full set of 4 adapters

Basic Specs

This wheel adaptor set converts a 5x112 Audi/Mercedes Benz vehicle to 5x120.65. The adapter features a 66.56mm center bore allowing hubcentric fitment to your vehicle. This adapter is available in a range of thicknesses from 15mm-35mm. The 5x120.65 bolt pattern is studded with M12x1.5 studs. A pair of centering rings is included with these adapters. Centering rings are available in sizes common to this bolt pattern conversion and can be customized. Mounting hardware is included and configurable.

Wheel adapters are sold in pairs of 2

Quantity 1 = 2 wheel adapters used to convert 2 wheels. In order to
convert your entire car, you must purchase 2 sets of wheel adapters.


This wheel adapter set ranges in thickness from 15mm-35mm. As thickness increases, optimal mounting bolt and stud lengths are maintained. Required adapter thickness is dependent on the offset and width of your new wheels. Offset calculations are unique to each vehicle and wheel and should be carefully considered. If you need help calculating offsets, follow our technical guides to get started.

Wheel Studs

This wheel adapter set is studded with M12x1.5 studs. Each adapter is accurately machined to allow the serrated wheel studs to be pressed into counterbores from the hub side of the adapter. As thickness increases, wheel stud length and counterbore depth is adjusted to maintain the safest conversion possible. Grade 10.9 zinc plated wheel studs are used. Wheel studs are sourced from OEM applications and made in the USA.

Mounting Hardware

Each wheel adapter set includes (20) pre-configured mounting bolts. Mounting bolts are threaded M14x1.5 and configured to safely bolt the wheel adapter to the vehicle hub. 15mm and 18mm adapters include hex head bolts. These bolts are grade 8.8, zinc plated, and require a slim 22mm socket. 20mm-35mm adapters include short head lug bolts. These lug bolts feature a cone seat and shallow head which allows the bolts to be installed without protruding into the wheel. These bolts are grade 10.9, zinc plated, and require a slim 17mm socket. Hex head bolts are made in Germany. Short head lug bolts are made in Italy.

Mounting hardware is pre-selected to fit your vehicle. No configuration is necessary.

Lug Nuts

Lug nuts are available in two seat styles. Seat style is based on your new wheels. Most OEM wheels use ball seat hardware. Most aftermarket wheels use cone seat hardware. Dont guess! Check your new wheels before ordering.

Lug nuts are grade 10.9, zinc plated, and made in Italy. All lug nuts available for this adaptor set require a 17mm socket.

Centering Ring

This wheel adaptor set includes a pair of centering rings. These centering rings are unique to 42 Draft Designs Wheel Adaptors and allow the user to configure their adaptor without custom machining. Installed in the adaptors, our centering rings fit the center bore of your wheel and provide true hubcentric and wheelcentric fitment.

Centering rings are available in a range of sizes popular to this bolt pattern conversion. If you require a different size, a custom centering ring can be machined for you within 24-48 hours of placing your order. Simply choose the 'Custom' option and include your custom size in the comments box when placing your order.

Centering rings are included with every wheel adaptor set. Rings can be changed at any time and are available for individual purchase.

Installation Instructions

Full color installation instructions are included with every set of wheel adaptors. You may read our installation instructions online, or download a PDF before getting started. Installation instructions must be followed step-by-step to ensure successful fitment and safe use of wheel adaptors.


Dont panic, were here to help. Wheel adaptors can be incredibly confusing if youre new to the concept. If you have any questions, big or small do not hesitate to contact us before ordering. Be sure to read through all of our technical guides and familiarize yourself with all of the terms we use in our product descriptions. Remember, we can help you discover what will fit, but we cant make decisions for you. Successful wheel fitment is our objective, but the final decisions are up to you.

Returns & Exchanges

Wheel Adapters CANNOT be returned or exchanged as they are Made to Order - NO EXCEPTIONS. Although were assigning part numbers to an inventory of wheel adaptors, the nature of the product is truly custom. Once a wheel adaptor has a single scratch on it we cannot re-sell it. Proper configuration of your adaptors is key to success. We can help, but we can NEVER guarantee fitment. Please use the technical information weve provided, take measurements on your car and your wheels, browse the internet for similar fitments, and ask questions. The modification youre performing is CUSTOM and cant be guaranteed to fit by ANYONE. In the end, youre 100% responsible for fitment.

42 Draft Design is a manufacturer of high performance parts and accessories for VW, Audi, Porsche, and BMW vehicles. From exhaust and intakes to custom catch cans and billet aluminum engine parts, 42 Draft Designs covers it all and prides themselves on never cutting corners, always delivering the best possible products to enthusiasts.

42 Draft Designs products are manufactured from scratch in Millersville, MD. We use high-quality American-made materials throughout our products, manufacturing in-house every component possible. When necessary to outsource, we start with American companies that manufacture their products in the USA. Our modest manufacturing facility is staffed by a team of 12 machinists, metal fabricators, and TIG welders trained to work in exacting precision. From design to manufacturing we never rush, cut corners, or take shortcuts.

Due to growing demand for our products, lead times may exist.

Most items with a lead time are considered 'Made To Order' items and are subject to an early cancelation fee and a restocking fee if returned.

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