Agency Power Adjustable Rear Control Arms - 991 / Carrera / Turbo - (NLA)

Part# AP-991-200

Suspension setup is extremely important whether you are street driving or track driving for optimal handling. When a vehicle is lowered, it changes the suspension geometry which requires an alignment. Most of the time, you can align the car back to factory specifications. But in some instances you want to really dial it in. The rear camber and toe adjustments are a key element in the way your vehicle will handle. Equally as important is the front of the car. To much negative camber could cause premature wear to the tires while to much toe could make your car feel "darty". Whenever you do a full custom suspension setup and alignment, you need to take into account the type and function of coilovers, tire choice, driving conditions, and even drivers weight.

To help dial in the suspension of the Porsche 991 Carrera and 991 Turbo, Agency Power has developed these rear adjustable control arms. For a decade, Agency Power has been doing CNC machined suspension components. Everything from sway bar links, bushing inserts, and of course, control arms. Having produced popular control arm kits for cars like the Porsche 996/997 Turbo, Subaru STI, Scion FRS, Ford Focus ST, the Porsche 991 arms are now available. They feature 6061 aluminum that has been precision CNC machined at our Arizona facility. The control arms are designed as complete OEM replacements. Compared to stock, these control arms remove the factory rubber bushings with solid mounts to provide a more responsive feel. The 3 piece, teflon lined rod ends thread into the billet aluminum arms to offer you further camber adjustments over stock. Each rod end includes 2 stainless steel spacers which attach to the vehicle rear frame assembly.

The control arms have been anodized black and feature the Agency Power logo.

These arms are sold as a pair and will fit all Porsche 991 Carrera and Turbo models from 2012 and up.

As always, all Agency Power parts come with a lifetime warranty.

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