Agency Power Lightweight Crank Pulley - E6X | M5 | M6 | V10 *NLA* (NLA)

Part# AP-E60M5-130

The BMW M series has been one of our most popular selling vehicle for performance parts at Agency Power. With amazing success of our E46 M3 and E92 M3 products, we have now made a difference in the E60 M5 and E63 M6 market. Agency Power has been manufacturing power pulley kits since 2004 for a variety of different vehicles. Our latest pulley kit has been engineered, designed, and tested with impressive results less the BMW tax. Our pulley is made from 6061 aluminum that is precision CNC machined. All of our pulley kits are anodized and then laser engraved with the Agency Power name. Our pulley kit includes new belts and bolts for a easy installation. This pulley has been reduced about 30% in diameter of the factory unit. Along with the reduction in rotational weight, the pulley gives improved throttle response on down low rpms where the V10 lags and pulls harder through the midrange. The pulley will not affect any harmonics that the OEM pulley may take into account.? This is an extremely safe bolt on modification.

Our real world Mustang dyno numbers show a gain across the full torque and horsepower RPM range. Peak gains were 13rwhp and 18ft/lbs of torque. The test vehicle was a 2006 SMG M5 running on 91octane in an ambient temperature of 95F. The car was equipped with a PowerChip ECU flash and Catback Exhaust by Agency Power. Compared to the competition, our pulley is the same overall underdriven diameter. Using the Mustang Dyno, performance numbers are always much lower then such as a DynoJet. We also only show true wheel horsepower gains. Peak torque and horsepower are made around 5900rpm.

  • BMW M5 E60 '05-'10
  • BMW M6 E63 '06-'10

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