Agency Power Plenum & Throttle Body - 997 | Turbo | GT2 (84mm Race) (NLA)

Part# AP-997TT-106

Adding bolt-on horsepower to the 997 Turbo is a continuous quest by many enthusiasts looking for more power. Reverting back to old tuning technologies, Agency Power has developed an even larger throttle body and plenum kit for the Porsche 997 Turbo to gain added performance. The point of a larger throttle body is to get in more air. The more air you bring in, the more power you make. The 997 Turbo’s engine intake system works off pulses, so how that air is diverted to either side of the engine is not as important as the volume incoming. The plenum kit includes an OEM Porsche throttle body (part# 99760511601) which is a direct bolt on and plug in for the electronic throttle control with no modifications needed. This throttle body has a 84mm inner diameter compared to the stock one of 75.64mm. We already offer a slightly smaller upgrade that measures in at 77.64mm, but this larger diameter is designed for maximum top end power.

The Agency Power plenum kit is made using high quality 6061 aluminum that has been TIG welded and pressure tested in a T shape to mimic the OEM design. The CNC machined 4 bolt throttle body flange features a groove to accompany a rubber o-ring to ensure a secure and sealed fit with the OEM Porsche Cayenne throttle body. The T plenum features the necessary fittings for stock vacuum hoses and breather lines and includes a 1 way check valve needed. Each T plenum is powder coated gloss black for an OEM look and includes new silicone couplers in black and worm clamps to secure it to the factory intake manifolds. The installation of the plenum requires removal of the factory airbox and Y pipe to access the component. Recommended installation time is approximately 3 hours.

Installation of the Agency Power plenum kit DOES NOT require the ECU to be flashed. The factory ECU will adjust accordingly to the change in throttle body diameter. However, corresponding mods including an ECU flash will only bring out additional power. This product features the Agency Power 90 day warranty and is Made in the USA.

    Installation Instructions

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