Agency Power Upgraded Pulley Kit - Audi 3.0T (NLA)

Part# AP-30T-130

Agency Power's new 3.0 TFSI supercharger pulley is designed to take the supercharged 3.0T Audi to the next level! The 6061 machined aluminum pulley works by safely overdriving the stock Eaton supercharger to maximize boost pressure output. This increase in boost allows for massive performance gains that can be felt all the way to redline. Pair this pulley with an ECU flash to take full advantage and maximize performance gains! The pulley includes a new belt and finished in a beautiful anodized smoke grey with the Agency Power logo laser etched.

    • Increased Horsepower & Torque
    • Increased Boost Pressure
    • Works with all 3.0T Supercharged Audi Vehicles
    • 6061 Machined Aluminum Construction
    • Anodized Smoke Finish
    • Made in the USA
    • 1x Agency Power 3.0T Pulley
    • 1x CONTITECH 7PK1270 belt
    • Pulley removal kit is required for installation (not included)
    • ECU Tuning is recommended for effective use of boost pressure

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