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Used to replenish the oil in your A/C system after work is performed or if a leak was present.

Non-hygroscopic! PAO-Oils do not absorb any moisture from the air and can therefore be stored for a long period even after opening. Suitable for all types of refrigerants.

Since PAO Oil 68 is compatible with many other lubricants and refrigerants, PAO Oil 68 can be used both for refilling and to replace the whole system oil capacity.

PAO Oil 68 does not have any harmful effects on fluoroelastomer materials, such as hoses or seals, and is ideally suited for converting from R12 to R134a refrigerant.

  • Suitable for all types of refrigerants.
  • Compatible with all other lubricants.
  • Extended operating range from -91F/ -68C to +599F/ +315C.
  • No accumulating in evaporators or condensers.
  • Higher cooling performance with less energy expenditure.
  • Reduction of the friction between the components
  • Reduced energy consumption of the compressor
  • Reduction of the compressor noise level.
  • Many years of successful practical use.

The molecules of the PAO Oil 68 adhere to all surfaces in the system, force out other molecules and remain as a thin layer on the surface of the system components. Due to the fact that the molecules do not try to connect to each other, this oil layer is just one molecule thick. Unlike many other oils, there is therefore no risk of oil collecting in the evaporator and the associated deterioration in cooling performance when PAO Oil 68 is used.

Due to the fact that PAO Oil 68 only slightly connects to the refrigerant, only a small part of the oil circulates through the system. The rest stays where the oil is actually needed in the compressor.

An oil film in the components improves the seal and/or reduces the friction between the moving parts in the compressor. This reduces the operating temperature and the wear. This plays an important role in the operating safety and reduction of noise and also ensures lower run-times and less energy consumption by the compressor.

Part #   G05-215-4A2 / G05 215 4A2 / G052154A2

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