Air Conditioning Fan Relay (NLA)

Part# 171959141A


If you're fan is constantly running or no longer working replace it with a new fan relay to get the system back in check.Volkswagen Corrado All G60 Volkswagen Corrado All VR6 12v Volkswagen Golf I All 8v Volkswagen Golf I All Diesel Volkswagen Golf II All 16v Volkswagen Golf II All 8v Volkswagen Golf II All Diesel Volkswagen Golf III All 2.0 Volkswagen Golf III All TDI Volkswagen Golf III All VR6 12v Volkswagen Jetta I All 8v Volkswagen Jetta I All Diesel Volkswagen Jetta II All 16v Volkswagen Jetta II All 8v Volkswagen Jetta II All Diesel Volkswagen Jetta III All 2.0 Volkswagen Jetta III All TDI Volkswagen Jetta III All VR6 12v Volkswagen Passat B3 All 16v Volkswagen Passat B3 All VR6 12v Volkswagen Scirocco I All 8v Volkswagen Scirocco II All 16v Volkswagen Scirocco II All 8v Volkswagen Vanagon All 1.6D Volkswagen Vanagon All 1.9L Volkswagen Vanagon All 2.0L Volkswagen Vanagon All 2.1L

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